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How to apply to the school in France

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How to apply to the school in France

If you decided to give a child education in France , but did not fully understand how to enter the French school, then this article will give you the necessary answers and all the required information. Smapse specialists are ready to help you enroll in French school or choose the right educational institution - our rich experience allows you to work quickly and efficiently, saving your time and energy.

1) Determine with the age of the child.

Elementary classes accept children from the age of 6, from the age of 11 begins schooling in the middle school, and from the age of 15 in the high school, Lycee ). You can study at private boarding schools in France from any age, but the state usually accepts children only in senior, graduating classes. But there is one advantageous difference of the national education system - here there are about 5-10 state lycees (lycee) that accept foreigners for a full-fledged training course. In this case, it is worth remembering that the earlier the student starts studying abroad, the easier it will be for him to adapt to the new environment and the language atmosphere, the more impressive results he will be able to achieve.

2) Determine the level of language preparation.

Of course, you can pull up Frenchand English language already while studying in France - many private schools offer useful supportive courses. But to improve the productivity and effectiveness of studies, it is recommended to have the appropriate language level in advance, even before admission. Smapse organizes training for you in the summer or seasonal camp, intensive foreign language courses, training foracademic semester - it will be especially effective in the same school where the training is planned.

3) Read the list of the best schools.

If you are determined to enter the French school, Smapse specialists will select the best educational institution for you based on your needs and requests. We are ready to organize a study tour for you and your child on selected campuses: there you can personally examine classes, classrooms and hostels, clarify the level of service and comfort, personally communicate with teachers and the director. In addition, it will help the child feel more comfortable and cozy after entering the French school.

4) Prepare the package of documents.

A well-written application and a correct package of documents is perhaps one of the most important components of a successful entry into a French school. Contact us - and we will help to make everything as soon as possible: we will help you to fill out the application correctly, prepare the documents, if necessary, carry out a high-quality translation, and we will write you in the embassy in case of personal attendance. As a rule, the following is required for admission to a French school:

  • Passport passport + passport pictures
  • Completed application form
  • Table of assessments for 2-3 years (from the previous place of training)
  • Recommendations from teachers (in priority - teacher of foreign language and mathematics), class teacher
  • All available Certificates, certificates, thank you letters, cups and awards - everything that will allocate you in the eyes of the admissions committee and make a more attractive entrant.

We strongly recommend that you take care of the issue of enrolling in French schools in advance, in about a year - this time is enough to select an institution and course, collect documents, send an application and obtain a visa. Remember that the application received after the main reception will be considered only if there are seats on the chosen program, but this can not be guaranteed. Contact Smapse - and we will help you enroll in a French school with minimal time and effort.

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