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How to prepare for the EGE in English

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How to prepare for the EGE in English

Unified State Exam in English, perhaps, in Russia is no less common than international language testing. Every year thousands of graduates of secondary schools go to universities - preparation requires diligence, attentiveness and diligent training with a professional experienced tutor or teacher.

Even students with initially not very high level of knowledge can pass the exam in English well, after all, similar to international tests, this exam tests not only knowledge of English. It is important for the pupil to know the structure and features of this test, its main difficulties and "pitfalls", to know the patterns and types of tasks, to be able to determine the frequent "traps" placed by the examiners.

During the Unified State Exam on English, students should demonstrate a high level of preparation in all major language skills:

  • Reading
  • Listening (listening comprehension)
  • Speaking (dialogue and monologue, spoken English)
  • Written speech

The total time of the exam is 180 minutes, with a total of 40 assignments. A separate time is given to the part "Oral speech": 4 assignments for 15 minutes. In total, you can get 100 points (maximum): 80 for written assignments and 20 points for the oral part.

Here you can learn about the preparation and other tests:

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