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How can I retake the A-level and the Foundation and what should I do if I fail the course?

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How can I retake the A-level and the Foundation and what should I do if I fail the course?

Many believe that the Foundation program was designed specifically for foreign students as a comprehensive training and education before entering British universities .

In fact, as practice shows, the number of foreigners on this program does not exceed 15%: nevertheless, the Foundation is shorter than A-level (its duration is only one year) and is much simpler For mastering. A-level is considered the "gold standard" of education in England- the depth and thoroughness of the study of disciplines can be quite difficult for foreign pupils. Many students enter the Foundation, having studied a year at A-level and failing to pass the AS certification. Such a scheme is quite convenient, since the knowledge gained for the year on another course will be very useful - but it is worth noting that the admissions committee of the universities in this case considers the results of exclusively the foundation as the main completed course. Also, keep in mind that Oxbridge universities do not accept Foundation results as entrance exams. Resthigher education institutions accept the results of examinations of at least 70% (in total).

One of the main advantages of this training program is the minimal chances of failing final examinations. The course includes several training modules, each of which involves 4-5 final tests - general sessions are held in December, March and June. If the student has failed to pass any examinations, he can try again in the next examination session. For final tests, the results of which are taken into account upon admission, it is necessary to successfully pass exams on all modules - but the time of delivery here does not matter. Pay attention to the following subtleties:

  • Only one retake is allowed - in total the student has only two chances to pass academic discipline
  • If more than one subject has not been surrendered by the end of the semester - the student is not allowed to retake and is expelled.
  • After the unsatisfactory completion of the program, it is possible to enroll in very good universities through the Clearing process(our specialists help students from time to time with documents in August-September).

Teachers are always interested in successful and effective teaching of students and help students with all their strength. For example, there is a widespread practice of additional classes on the subject, which the student is given with difficulty. Also, the training course can be extended for one trimester or repeated (in case of failure to take final exams). But notice that the repetition of one or another part of the course is not only an additional payment, but also a reduction in the chances of admission: most universities prefer students who passed the exams on the first try and successfully mastered a one-year course without any stimulating courses and Lessons.

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