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IT specialties, programming in US universities

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IT specialties, programming in US universities

Today, analytical and computer fields of science and IT (atichi) are developing in truly seven-league steps: the largest international corporations are constantly in need of qualified personnel capable of quickly learning and translating programming to a new level. In the USA even a special term appeared, which denotes the shortage of professional workers for the profile sphere - the talent gap.

This gap can be filled by training in a specialized master's program - they are offered in the best US universities , Canada and other countries of the world. At the magistracy, students will be able to get not only exhaustive theoretical knowledge, but also fill the gaps in practical skills - and a diploma in Business Analytics (Business Analytics) or information technology (Big Data) will open the doors to the best world companies. So, where to go to study?

1. Computing techniques: Columbia University (New York, USA)

Columbia University knowingly enters the legendary Ivy League- Today, professional, qualified young cadres are being brought up here. Special popularity is enjoyed by the master program in the direction of "Computer Science": this is a suitable way for students who want to focus on machine learning. Stages and composition of training:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Data protection
  • Research and analysis Big Data
  • Intellectual systems
  • Financial analysis
  • ] Information search.

The duration of studies is 2 academic years.

2. Business analysis: Drexel University (Philadelphia, USA)

The prestigious university offers a master's program in the direction of "Business Analytics", the curriculum of which includes the following disciplines:

  • quantitative methods of analysis Data
  • mathematical modeling
  • The decision of business cases (all examples are usually taken from real life)
  • Statistics
  • Information management systems.

Duration of training - 2 academic Year.

3. Business Intelligence: York University (Toronto, Canada)

A master's degree in business analytics can be done in Canada - this is taught at a prestigious York University in Toronto. Students learn to analyze quantitative data, and the main indicator of success in learning is the quality of a large research project (usually it takes at least 3 months to prepare it). During the work on the project, students analyze and solve problems that arise when processing Big Data, offer new ways to solve non-standard situations.

The term of study is 1 academic year.

4. Electronic business and technology: University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada).

This course is taught at the Faculty of Engineering, one of the most sought-after and major departments of the University of Ottawa. The choice of students is offered by two specializations:

  • Electronic business

By studying market trends and comparative analysis of various business models, students learn to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular method of work (for example , In the task of attracting and satisfying the client). This course helps to understand the principles of integrating information technologies in the business process, taking into account the dynamics of the legal and business environment.

  • Electronic technologies

Full-scale, comprehensive analysis of Big Data, system architecture (studying its basics and operating principles), e-commerce technologies.

- 1,5-2 academic years.

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