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Investment immigration in the United States. Residence permit in America through EB-5 investment program

Investment immigration in the United States. Residence permit in America through EB-5 investment program

We offer comprehensive advice for those who are thinking of obtaining a residence permit in the United States (Green Card) through the EB-5 investment program. What are its main features?

EB-5: Benefits of the US Investment Program

EB-5 as a program of the US government to attract foreign investments has been operating since 1990, at the same time developing the US economy at the expense of foreign investors and giving them an opportunity to obtain a residence permit (Green Card) and subsequent US citizenship.

Its main requirements are:

  • Registration of a new enterprise
  • Package of investments from 500,000 US dollars (you can invest in your own project, and in the project of the Regional Center, and the investment is returnable)
  • Creating at least 10 jobs.

Requirements for the investor:

  • Demonstrate no criminal record
  • Confirm legality of funds origin.

Moreover, acting under the EB-5 program, an investor can receive a Green Card not only for himself, but also for his family - spouse / spouse and children under 21 years who are not married. Green Card gives foreign citizens significant advantages:

  • You and your family can stay in the United States freely, without time and visa restrictions.
  • The likelihood of entering best American universities increases
  • There is an opportunity to study for free in US public schools (general education)
  • When enrolling at a US state university / college, the cost can be reduced (the difference sometimes reaches 200% of the original total price)
  • Preferred consideration of resumes when applying for a job: today, foreign students and graduates have very low chances of getting a stable job in the United States.

By participating in the EB-5 program, you will be able to choose the method of paperwork:

  • On yourself and family
  • On one of the parents and children (the second parent can be issued later if desired - this helps reduce tax burden)
  • Only for their own children: then they will be able to study and work in the USA, living in the territory (since the age of the main applicant-investor is not limited to the program).

SMAPSE provides following services to those interested in the EB-5 program:

  • Consultation on the principles of the investment program, its conditions and basic requirements (including long-term visas)
  • Professional legal services licensed to work in the United States (100% petition approval statistics)
  • Develop an individual participation plan for EB-5 based on your capabilities and wishes
  • Development of 3-4 projects from the Regional Centers for investment of funds (we select only those Centers that can confirm a large portfolio of projects with a full return of the investment spent)
  • Full coordination of proposals from the Regional Centers for the projects you choose
  • Professional advice on the package of necessary documents
  • Maintaining the process of obtaining a Green Card up to a full return on invested funds.
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