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Description : University transfer program in INTO Suffolk University Boston

INTO Suffolk University Boston
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INTO Suffolk University Boston
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Accommodation type: residence
Language of studies English
from $ 8065.00 / semester
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12.01.2021 -11.05.2021 31.08.2021 -17.12.2021 04.01.2022 -04.05.2021
from 24 370 $ / semester


School description

INTO Suffolk University Boston is a prestigious and internationally renowned university, whose students receive quality and sought-after education. The university traditionally holds the highest rates in various ratings both in the US and around the world. The university trains students from a large number of countries, more than 18% of students are foreign students. The training programs are aimed at obtaining practical knowledge that will be useful in modern life and will help in the future to build a career and become successful.

Currently, the University has the following schools and colleges:

Here experts are trained at the world level for more than 70 programs. Practical skills play a fundamental role in the education process: almost 70% of college students annually undergo training during their studies. Students work in areas such as marketing, public relations, health, power and communication. 92% of undergraduate students are employed or continue their education in the Master's program within a year after graduation.

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12.01.2021 -11.05.2021 04.01.2022 -04.05.2022
from 19 100 $ / semester

About the educational program:

  • Age: From 20 years old;
  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters;
  • Starting dates of the educational program: January, August;
  • Types of educational programs: 8.

The preparation programs for the master's program include 8 different courses. Foreign students who have a bachelor's degree and a necessary level of knowledge of English can take part in the programs. Programs last 1 or 2 semesters, the choice depends on the level of English:

  • 2-semester programs: TOEFL iBT65 / IELTS 5.5 / PTEA 44;
  • Semester programs: TOEFL iBT80 / IELTS 6.5 / PTEA 53.

Semester programs include English classes and subjects in the chosen training area. 2-semester programs have 2 times more classes in English and subjects on the specialty. English classes (in all directions) include:

  • English: reading, writing and grammar;
  • English: listening, speaking and pronunciation.

In addition to the English language and subjects in the specialty, students have the opportunity to adapt to the education system and the way of life in the United States. After each direction, one master program (with specializations) is provided for admission to the magistracy department.


Business Administration:

  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • Data analytics;
    • Corporate financial reporting and control;
    • Marketing;
    • Managerial Economics.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA).
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Senior Financial Analyst;
    • Human resources manager;
    • Business Operations Manager;
    • Marketing director;
    • Financial Director (CFO).


  • Duration: 1 semester;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • Introduction to Master Studies;
    • On your choice: Advertising / integrated marketing communications / advertising and public relations;
    • Optional courses.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Arts in Communication (with a specialization in public relations and advertising or integrated marketing) (Master of Arts in Communication (Concentrations in Public Relations and Advertising or Integrated Marketing)).
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Marketing Manager;
    • Marketing director;
    • Manager of Public Relations;
    • Advertising Manager;
    • Executive producer;
    • Director of Social Media.

Political Science:

  • Duration: 1 semester;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • The choice: professional policy / international relations / public administration;
    • Electives.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Science in Political Science (Concentrations in Professional Politics or International Relations).
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Political campaign manager;
    • Public Policy Specialist;
    • Lobbyist;
    • Representative of the Congress;
    • State Government;
    • Political consultant.

Business Analytics:

  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • Solving business problems using advanced Excel;
    • Data management and modeling;
    • Data analysis;
    • Financial management.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Science in Business Analytics.
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Business analyst;
    • Personnel specialist;
    • Marketing Manager;
    • Specialist in business development.


  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • Introduction to statistics, accounting and finance;
    • Economics for managers;
    • Data and analysis;
    • Corporate financial reporting and control.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Science in Finance (with a specialization in Corporate Finance / Management of Investments and Risks) (Master of Science in Finance (Concentrations in Corporate Finance, Investments or Management)).
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Clerk;
    • Account Manager;
    • Manager of financial risks;
    • Sales Manager;
    • Financial Consultant;
    • Credit Inspector.

Financial Services and Banking:

  • Duration: 1 semester;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • Introduction to statistics, accounting and financial intensity;
    • Economics for managerial positions;
    • Data and analytics;
    • Corporate financial reporting;
    • Financial management.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Science in Financial Services and Banking.
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Accountant;
    • Investment Banker;
    • Financial trader;
    • Account Manager;
    • Insurance specialist;
    • Financial Manager.


  • Duration: 1 or 2 semesters;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • Data analysis;
    • Data management and modeling;
    • Marketing;
    • Marketing research;
    • Marketing strategy.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Science in Marketing.
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Marketing manager;
    • Marketing director;
    • Specialist in Public Relations;
    • Operations manager.

The right (Law):

  • Duration: 1 semester;
  • Subjects:
    • English;
    • International business operations in developing countries;
    • Law of the USA;
    • Conversation;
    • Introduction to legal research.
  • Master's programs available upon completion of training:
    • Master of Laws or Master of Laws in Global Law and Technology.
  • Directions and specialties of employment:
    • Lawyer;
    • District Attorney;
    • Legal advisor;
    • Specialist in foreign policy.
12.01.2021 -11.05.2021 19.05.2021 -26.08.2021 31.08.2021 -17.12.2021
from 8 065 $ / semester

Quick overview:

  • Age of participants: from 16 years;
  • Beginning of classes: January, May, August;
  • Language level: from beginner;
  • Duration: 1, 2 or 3 semesters;
  • Number of hours per week: 20.

About the educational course: English language programs are designed for foreign students who need to improve their level for admission to the undergraduate or master's programs. Applicants from the age of 16 can participate in the program with any level of language proficiency. The program lasts 1, 2 or 3 semesters, depending on the initial level of the language and the success of the training. The training program includes classes in all major language sections:

  • Listening;
  • Oral speech;
  • Written speech;
  • Speaking;
  • Preparing for the tests in English;
  • English for Academic Purposes.

Only highly qualified teachers work with students. The training takes place in small groups, which allows you to better absorb the material. For each student, teachers seek an individual approach in order to be able to concentrate on those issues that cause difficulties. By the end of the course, students improve their language and acquire a variety of knowledge and skills:

  • US values ​​in education and lifestyles;
  • Effective and correct submission of oral and written ideas in English;
  • Writing research papers with the correct use of quotes and references;
  • Reading, understanding and critical evaluation of academic texts;
  • Understanding and using the academic dictionary;
  • Mastering the skills of effective presentations.
12.01.2021 -11.05.2021 31.08.2021 -17.12.2021 04.01.2022 -04.05.2022
from 24 370 $ / semester

The International Year One Program:

  • Age of participants: from 16 years;
  • Duration of the programs: 1, 2 or 3 semesters;
  • Beginning of program: January or August;
  • Level of education: Diploma of secondary school;
  • Knowledge of English:
    • For 3-semester programs: TOEFL iBT 50 / IELTS 5.0 / PTEA 40;
    • For 2-semester programs: TOEFL iBT 60 / IELTS 5.5 / PTEA 44;
    • For semester programs: TOEFL iBT 79 / IELTS 6.5 / PTEA 53.
  • Language of instruction: English.

International Year One is a special program at INTO Suffolk University Boston, where international students can enter the baccalaureate without losing time. To participate, you must have a diploma of school education and the required level of English, the training starts twice a year, and lasts 1, 2 or 3 semesters (the choice of duration also depends on the level). There are 5 directions available for selection:

  • Business:
  • Fine Arts (Visual Arts):
  • Computer Science:
  • General Studies:
  • Science and Mathematics.

Each direction corresponds to specific bachelor's programs, which students pass after graduation.

International Year One features include:

  • Students have the opportunity to earn credits, which are then counted as standard undergraduate credits;
  • Classes can be either general-university or specially adapted;
  • Getting a bachelor's degree takes the same amount of time as ordinary students;
  • Small educational groups allow each student to receive maximum attention;
  • Students receive assistance and support from university professors and specialists on all academic and everyday issues;
  • Highly qualified teachers with high academic degrees work with students.

Each direction of training consists of several blocks:

  • English. Students of 3 and 2 semester courses actively expand their language opportunities (students of semester courses have a high level of language). In the course of intensive classes in grammar, listening, writing and speaking, the level of language and the ability to use it correctly in school and in everyday life are significantly increased;
  • Complex of subjects in the direction. Finally, students study an extensive set of disciplines, which are identical to standard bachelor's courses (with some adaptation for foreigners). Students attend lectures and practical classes, and get a lot of knowledge;
  • University study and research skills.

Also, all students are engaged in special seminars on the development of employment and career development skills, which undoubtedly contributes to their overall development, the process of adaptation, the future search for a place of work and promotion at the first steps of a career.

Students who successfully graduate from International Year One pass to the chosen bachelor's degree in the next semester and continue their studies as ordinary students.

Directions and available bachelor's programs:

  • Business:
    • Accounting (Accounting-BS, Accounting-BA);
    • Business Economics (Business Economics-BS, Business Economics-BA);
    • Entrepreneurship (BS, Entrepreneurship-BA);
    • Finance (Finance-BS, Finance-BA);
    • Global business (Global Business-BS, Global Business-BA);
    • Information systems (Information Systems-BS, Information Systems-BA);
    • Management (Management-BS, Management-BA);
    • Marketing (Marketing-BS, Marketing-BA);
    • Data and business analytics (Big Data and Business Analytics-BSBA).
  • Computer Science:
    • Computer Science - BS.
  • General Studies:
    • Advertising - BS;
    • History of Art - BA;
    • Asian Studies - BA;
    • Economics-BS;
    • English Language- BA;
    • Environmental Sciences -BS;
    • Global and Cultural Communication - BS;
    • Government (Government-BS, Government-BA);
    • History - BA;
    • Journalism - BS;
    • Law - BA;
    • Media & Film - BS;
    • Philosophy - BA;
    • Politics, Philosophy and Economics - BA;
    • Psychology - BS;
    • Public relations - BS;
    • Sociology - BA;
    • Spanish - BA;
    • Theater - BA.
  • Science and Mathematics:
    • Biology- BS;
    • Biochemistry - BS;
    • Chemistry - BS
    • Environmental Science - BS
    • Mathematics - BS;
    • Physics - BS;
    • Radiation Science - BS.
  • Visual Arts:
    • Fine Arts - BFA;
    • Graphic Design- BFA;
    • Interior Design - BFA.

Quick overview:

  • Age of participants: from 17 years;
  • Duration of training: 3-4 years (standard programs);
  • Starting dates: September, January;
  • Level of English: TOEFL iBT80 / IELTS 6.5 / PTEA 53;
  • Level of Education: Diploma of School Graduation;
  • Language of instruction: English.

About the educational course: The undergraduate program at INTO Suffolk University Boston provides students from all over the world with quality educational programs in demanded and prestigious specialties. For admission, you must have a diploma of complete school education and a sufficiently high level of English. For foreign students, there is an excellent opportunity to enroll through the special program International Year One, which includes adaptation activities and academic courses at the same time and participation in which is counted as standard semesters of bachelor's degree (thus the total duration of study at the undergraduate level does not increase).

Bachelor's programs are available in two broad areas:

  • Business (preparation is at the Business School (Sawyer Business School);
  • Arts and Sciences (training is conducted at the College of Arts and Sciences):
    • Computer Science;
    • Fine Arts (Visual Arts);
    • General Studies;
    • Science and Mathematics.

According to the system of higher education accepted in the USA, students choose for themselves two specializations - basic and additional. This makes education more universal, and the level of competencies is higher, as it enables to develop in several directions at once, to improve one's knowledge and skills. Each program is evaluated in a certain number of credits, which the student must earn. Training includes a large number of carefully designed courses and disciplines, with a clear structure and objectives. Bachelors receive fundamental knowledge in the chosen field, and have a very high level of training and professional qualifications.

In addition to standard training programs, the University offers several other options:

  • Accelerated Bachelor's / Master's Degree. Programs are consecutive training in bachelor's and master's degrees in one direction in the accelerated mode and with a rapid transition from one stage to another. Students pass all the same courses and disciplines as with the standard time of training;
  • Programs 4 + 1 (Suffolk's 4 + 1 Programs). Special extended bachelor's programs, with a large number of included courses and a master's degree in accelerated mode;
  • Language and educational courses. If you want and need it is possible to pass various courses on the study of languages ​​and various disciplines. Available languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese. Available directions: business science, general research, science and art. Courses increase the level of education and can be very useful for foreign students.

Programs of the double main direction. Available for all specialties of the business school. International students can choose from a variety of disciplines and be trained on an individual curriculum. 

Associate degree - special degrees awarded after a successful 2-year course of study. The degree gives an opportunity to start working activity, and also to pass to 3 course of the bachelor's specialty.

Certificates - Programs for a variety of sciences and areas of study. Are assessed in a certain number of credits and expand the competence and employment opportunities. Students can be educated according to the certificate programs at their discretion.

Academic degrees awarded at INTO Suffolk University Boston include:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA);
  • Associate degree in science in legal studies;
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA);
  • Bachelor of Science (BS);
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism (BSJ);
  • Bachelor of General Studies (BGS);
  • Associate Degree in Arts (AA);
  • Associate of Science (AS).

The university employs exclusively highly qualified specialists who have high scientific achievements and many years of successful work experience. Despite the abundance of disciplines and intensive nature of study, students have time to relax and switch attention, as different types of classes alternate:

  • Lectures;
  • Work in groups, mini-groups and independent work;
  • Lectures with invited experts and extended lectures;
  • Seminars and interactive workshops;
  • Laboratory work.

Students regularly pass test work, designed to monitor the progress and success of mastering the material. Verification work includes:

  • Exams and invisible exams;
  • Research and laboratory work with reports;
  • Essays and Extended Essays;
  • Preparation of presentations;
  • Term papers.

Foreign students also receive effective assistance in the process of adaptation by university staff and specialized services. Much attention is paid to the development of students' skills in employment and career development, which lay a solid foundation and subsequently help young professionals to make the first steps in their careers. All students during the training pass professional training in various companies and organizations, where they gain experience of professional activity and learn to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

In general, the level of training at INTO Suffolk University Boston allows graduates not to worry about their future: regional and global companies are happy to accept specialists with a bachelor's diploma of the University. Many graduates open their own companies and / or start a business, and also continue their education, entering the magistracy.

Bachelor programs at INTO Suffolk University Boston :

  • Business:
    • Accounting;
    • Data and business analytics;
    • Advertising;
    • Business Economics;
    • Entrepreneurship;
    • Finance;
    • Global Business;
    • Information Systems;
    • Management;
    • Marketing.
  • Science and arts:
    • History of art;
    • Asian Studies;
    • Biochemistry;
    • Biology;
    • Chemistry;
    • Computer science;
    • English;
    • Environmental Science;
    • Environmental Studies;
    • Art;
    • French;
    • Global and cultural communication;
    • Government;
    • Graphic design;
    • History;
    • History and literature;
    • Humanitarian sciences;
    • Interior Design;
    • International Economics;
    • Journalism;
    • Right;
    • Mathematics;
    • Media and film;
    • History of music;
    • Legal research;
    • Philosophy;
    • Physics;
    • Politics, Philosophy and Economics;
    • Psychology;
    • Public relations;
    • Radiation Science and Therapy;
    • Sociology;
    • Spanish.


  • Age: from 17 years old;
  • Diploma of High School Graduation;
  • High average diploma grade and good and excellent grades in profile subjects;
  • Knowledge of English: TOEFL iBT80 / IELTS 6.5 / PTEA 53 or other equivalents;
  • Foreign students are encouraged to enroll through the International Year One;
  • For some specialties it is necessary to present a portfolio;
  • The University has the right to conduct additional testing to determine the level of knowledge and English.

The academic year of undergraduate programs is divided into semesters:

  • Autumn semester: from September 5 to December 16-21 (vacations from November 22 to 26, Christmas holidays from December 21 to January 14);
  • Summer sessions: May-August (special sessions are held as required);
  • Spring semester: from January 15 to May 11 (holidays from 11 to 18 March).

Brief information:

  • Age of participants: from 20 years;
  • Duration of training: from 1 year (standard time of training - 2 years);
  • Beginning of classes: September, January;
  • Level of English: TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.5, PTEA 53;
  • Level of education: Bachelor's degree;
  • Language of instruction: English.

About the educational program: The Department of Magistracy at INTO Suffolk University Boston is distinguished by the highest quality of education provided and the relevance of graduate masters. For admission, you must have a bachelor's degree (preferably in the corresponding entry of the field of science) and a certain, fairly high level of English (if necessary, you can first increase the level in special courses). Foreign participants have the opportunity to enter through the Pre-Master's program.

Training in the Master's program gives students a fundamental knowledge base and skills in the chosen field. Exclusive professionals of business and sciences work with students, who have proved themselves in the best way and are widely recognized both in the USA and in the world scientific community. Students devote a lot of time to independent work and development of research skills, conduct serious scientific research. The university offers several types of programs:

  • Standard Master Programs (Degree Programs) - Training on standard curricula. It contains mandatory courses and disciplines, is evaluated in a certain number of credits (credit units);
  • On-line programs - In a convenient on-line format, both individual courses and the Magistrates program "Business Administration" are available
  • Educational certificates - The University provides an opportunity to receive educational certificates in the fields of business, management and finance (there are a total of 15 certificates available). The certificate provides certain advantages, gives the right to professional activity and raises the level of general erudition and education.

Foreign students receive support from teachers and university staff on all emerging educational and everyday issues. Centers for career development actively work with students, students attend special seminars for top-level specialists, learn to manage divisions in companies and entire corporations. During the time spent in the magistracy, students receive a fundamental research and practical base and become specialists of the highest class and broad profile. Successfully graduated students receive a diploma of higher education of a standard and a master's degree in the relevant field of science (in some cases, double master's degrees).

Master's programs at the University of INTO Suffolk University Boston:

  • Direction of "Science and Art":
    • Communication (Master of Arts in Communication (MAC));
    • Management of Higher Education (Master of Education in Administration of Higher Education (MEd));
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (with concentration: Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Administration, International Business, Marketing, Nonprofit Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Taxation);
    • Graphic design (Master of Arts in Graphic Design (MAGD));
    • Architecture in the interior (MAIA);
    • Studies of Crime and Justice (MSCJS);
    • Crime and Justice Studies / Mental Health Counseling (MSCJS / MHC);
    • Ethics and Public Policy (MSEPP);
    • Political Science (MSPS);
    • Mentoring in Mental Health Counseling (MSMHC).
  • Direction "Business":
    • Master of Business Administration (Online Training) (MBA Online Concentrations);
    • Master of Business Administration in Music Business / Management (MBA for Music Business / Management Graduates of the Berklee College of Music);
    • Master of Business Administration for Executive Positions (Executive MBA);
    • Accounting (Master of Science in Accounting (MSA));
    • Business Intelligence (MSBA);
    • Taxation (Master of Science in Taxation (MST));
    • Finance (Master of Science in Finance (MSF));
    • Financial services and banking (MSFSB);
    • Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA);
    • Master of Public Administration (MPA).;
    • Master of Science in Crime and Justice Studies / Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling (MS in Crime & Justice Studies / MS in Mental Health Counseling);
    • Master of Science in Business Administration / Finance (MSBA / MSF).
  • Dual Degree programs:
    • Master of Science in Crime and Justice Studies / Master of Public Administration (MPA / MS in Crime & Justice Studies);
    • Master of Science in Mental Health Consultancy / Master of Public Administration (MPA / MS in Mental Health Counseling);
    • Master of Science in Political Science / Master of Public Administration (MPA / MS in Political Science);
    • Business Administration / Accounting (MBA / MSA);
    • Master of Business Administration / Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA / MSBA);
    • Business Administration / Finance (MBA / MSF);
    • Business Administration / Taxation (MBA / MST);
    • Accounting / Finance (MSA / MSF);
    • Accounting / Taxation (MSA / MST);
    • Master of Science in Business Administration / Accounting (MSBA / MSA).
  • Specialized Degree Programs:
    • Master of Business Administration / Health (MBA / Health);
    • Master of Business Administration / Nonprofit sector (MBA / Nonprofit);
    • Master of Business Administration (for individual professions and professionals) (Accelerated MBA for Attorneys, Accelerated MBA for CPAs);
    • Programs 4 + 1 (4 + 1 Program) (areas: Accounting, Taxation, Finances, Financial services and banks, Accounting / Taxation, Accounting / Finance).
  • Accelerated Degree Programs:
    • Master of Science in Finance (for individual professions and professionals) (Accelerated MSF for Attorneys);
    • Master of Science in Taxation (for individual professions and professionals) (Accelerated MST for Attorneys, Accelerated MST for CPAs).

Requirements for master's programs:

  • Age: from 20 years old;
  • Level of education: bachelor's degree (in the relevant field of science);
  • Level of English: TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.5, PTEA 53 (the level of language proficiency must be very high);
  • At least 3 recommendations from the previous place of study or work;
  • An essay explaining the reasons for entering the magistracy;
  • High academic performance and achievements in core subjects;
  • Portfolio (for some specialties);
  • Certificates for additional educational courses are welcome;
  • Foreign participants are encouraged to apply through participation in the Pre-Master's program.

The academic year of the Master's program is divided into semesters:

  • Autumn semester: from September 5 to December 16-21 (vacations from November 22 to 26, Christmas holidays from December 21 to January 14);
  • Spring semester: from January 15 to May 11 (holidays from 11 to 18 March);
  • Summer sessions: May-August (special sessions are held as needed).
12.01.2021 -11.05.2021 31.08.2021 -17.12.2021 04.01.2022 -04.05.2021
from 24 370 $ / semester
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