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International schools in England, colleges in Britain

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International schools in England, colleges in Britain

The appointment of international schools and colleges for Russians and foreigners is to prepare for entering the best foreign universities. During their studies at top schools and colleges in England, students study compulsory and optional subjects that will match the profession or interests chosen by them. In the process of training attention is paid not only to knowledge, but also to familiarity with the characteristics of entrance examinations and final examinations. The advantage of many educational institutions is that they allow you to transfer to universities without additional entrance exams, which means that the college practically gives a guarantee of admission to the University of England .

Training on the course on preparation for the university is an obligatory stage for students and schoolchildren, Russian and foreigners. If a student can not decide which profession to choose, experienced specialists will help with the choice. If the student has already chosen a further place of study and a university program, then the teachers will help to make a competent curriculum, so that in the future the material that has been covered helps during the training at a higher educational institution.

Education in the universities of England provides a large selection of specialties and directions, and already during the training in the preparatory courses, students can study core subjects. Approaching the choice of an international school or college is necessary with special attention: they have individual programs and are adapted to the programs of specific universities .

Advantages of international educational institutions in England

Prepared for admission to universities are not only Russian and foreign students, but also local English residents, which is very helpful for foreign broders to immerse themselves in the language environment. If the level of English is not enough, you can attend additional classes.

What programs can I prepare for entering the University of England?

  • GCSE is a necessary course for British and foreign citizens who want to continue their studies at universities in the UK. The course corresponds to the level of 8-9 grades and includes the study of 3 compulsory sciences and 3-5 additional ones, which will be indicated in the GCSE certificate.
  • A-Level - the course will help students who do not have a sufficient level of English or specialized knowledge. In the future, the certificate allows you to apply to the British university for admission to any specialty taking into account the subjects you have passed.
  • International foundation - the study of English in the academic volume, the development of sufficient stock of professional vocabulary, the development of skills of interaction with other students, the development of computer technology and the development of experience in self-education.
  • List of prestigious educational institutions in England, where you can take the preparatory program

  • College Abbey DLD Colleges London offers a choice of 6 programs: GCSE, A-Level, BTEC , International foundation and "Academic English for the summer." The best teachers of England teach here, and the students are subjected to very strict and high standards - this is the main reason for the college to have a high rating and very good feedback from its students. Abbey DLD Colleges London specializes in training foreigners in the medical field, doing business, accounting and economics, studying music.
  • The private international school Lansdowne College is one of the best colleges for high school students in London. Available programs: GCSE, preparation for A-Level, A-Level. The groups are formed very small so that the teacher can pay attention to each and maximally prepare the student for study at a foreign university. Russian and foreigners can attend additional English courses to improve their linguistic skills.
  • Graduates of the elite international college CATS College Cambridge often choose London universities and not only - Imperial , University College , School of Economics , Durham , Cambridge University . The college's rating is confirmed by the level of preparation of its students, who then enter the best universities of the country. General programs: preparation for A-Level, A-Level, International Foundation; Also there is a unique Medics Specialist Program designed for students wishing to work in the fields of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, pharmacology.
  • The prestigious Chelsea Independent College has GCSE and A-Level preparatory courses, GCSE and A-Level programs, Business Foundation, programs for graduates who have chosen Oxbridge Prep or medical schools and faculties for admission.
  • The College of South Cheshire College has a special program for training in the elite Oxford and University of Cambridge, University of Oxford's Pembroke College, Corpus Christi College. The administration regularly invites teachers of these universities and other world-class specialists for students. The college is popular with excellent academic results of its students.
  • How to enter the preparatory program for Russian and foreigners

    For admission to international schools and colleges, a certificate is often required that proves a high level of English plus a report card with grades from the previous place of study. A full list of necessary documents for admission is provided by the college, and remember that places in prestigious and popular schools and universities are always in demand. Prepare for admission in advance: SMAPSE helps its customers at all stages and assists in solving any organizational issues.

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