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International schools in Canada, colleges of Canada

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International schools in Canada, colleges of Canada

International schools and colleges abroad allow Russian and foreign students to receive high quality education - in Canada, educational institutions are included in the TOP lists around the world.

Education in international colleges in Canada, duration of programs

Programs are available for students from 15-16 years, and the duration of training depends on the level of the student's preparation, based on the calculation of necessary academic studies in core subjects. Equally important is the level of English - if the knowledge is not enough for learning the program, you need to attend additional linguistic courses. According to the students' reviews of Canadian schools and college and fully meet the needs of students and occupy high positions in the world rankings, every year the arrival of Russian schoolchildren in foreign colleges after grades 9-11 becomes more and more popular.

Advantages of training:

  • high quality of education
  • small groups
  • intensive academic classes
  • the ability to pass the selected course faster
  • a large selection of educational programs
  • additional linguistic courses
  • low cost of training
  • the possibility of further transfer immediately to the 2-3 course of the university.

Types and duration of training courses

Detailed information about the programs can be viewed on the official website of the educational institution or you can contact the Smapse employees who will choose the option that suits you for free. Main types:

It is not necessary to pass all the training programs - with good progress it is possible to translate from one program to another. At each stage of education, students choose a certain number of subjects for training, depending on the desired intensity. The advantage is the lack of additional tests when transferring to a college or university - it is enough to provide a report card with high marks and to confirm your level of knowledge.

Do colleges help their students in finding a job?

Classes in the college are more practice-oriented than in universities - so, in summer students often practice in their specialty. The administration of schools and colleges often promote employment, help to formulate a resume competently, prepare for an interview, and issue a work permit. College courses always correspond to the needs of the modern world, all programs are regularly updated.

List of leading colleges in Canada

  • At Columbia International College in Toronto, not only are they preparing to enter the chosen university, deepening academic and linguistic knowledge, but also helping to adapt to the learning environment abroad. Programs have been developed to prepare for entering the university, for example, the High School Support Program for pupils of grades 9-12. After completing the training, students receive a diploma from the province of Ontario - OSSD, confirming the mastery of the main program of the secondary school. There is a preparatory program for schoolchildren, designed for 6 or 10 months.
  • The College of Ridley College in St. Catharines is popular with the high level of academic preparation of its students - most of them go on to the best universities all over the world. The middle classes and the high school program are available, and for schoolchildren of 11-12 grades a sophisticated curriculum with the possibility of obtaining an IB diploma along with a secondary school diploma (Ontario Diploma) is available. The training is based on the traditional Canadian educational system, and all students of the boarding school are members of Canada's largest Cadet community.
  • Fraser International College is located in Vancouver and operates on the basis of the popular Simon Fraser University . For admission, you must have a good command of English. The Transfer program is available all year round for students, it consists of two courses: each one lasts one year, but you can enter two at a time. The first year is aimed at intensive study of the English language, academic training in compulsory subjects and adaptation to a new language, academic and cultural environment. The second year is devoted to an in-depth, profile study of selected disciplines - students focus on those areas that will later be studied at the university.

If you have not chosen the right educational institution, the company will help you make the right choice and select a list of schools and colleges that will meet your needs and requirements. We are partners of international colleges and schools around the world, which means that our clients do not pay us a commission for admission.

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