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Early Years Program in International School of Siena

International School of Siena
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co-educational schools
10380.00 € / year
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Program name
All year round
from 10380.00 € / year
from 10380.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


Program Early Years (Kindergarten)

  • Age: from 2 to 4 years
  • Standard: IB Program (IB Primary Years Program)
  • The daily form of training.

International School of Siena provides unique and high-quality training programs for students from any country in the world, starting from the age of 2 years. The full time of the kindergarten is 3 years, and it is divided into three stages:

  • Prekindergarden. Age: 2 years. Preparatory training year
  • Kindergarden. Age: 3 years. Standard year of development
  • Transition. 4 years. Development and preparation for entering the school.

The curriculum is conducted according to the standards of the International Baccalaureate of Primary Years (IB Primary Years Program), which in itself is a guarantor of quality. Also, the educational system includes the standard of the Italian educational system (Scuola d'infanzia), so that students can receive both Italian and international education. Classes are built around 5 main sections that are related to each other:

  • Action
  • Attitudes
  • Key Concepts
  • Knowledge
  • Skills (skills).

The pupils of the kindergarten receive all the necessary assistance and support: thanks to the small size of the groups, teachers can give each student maximum attention and carry out an individual support system. students learn to make the right choice, are not afraid to act, take responsibility for their actions. Kindergartners have a special place in the hierarchy of the school, they are given special care, since it is during this period that an active process of cognition of the surrounding world and its place in it is taking place. The educational system builds a unique system of mutual support between the student, his parents and teachers, which allows him to stay in touch constantly, exchange observations and help each other in solving various issues. students are active participants in the educational process, their preferences and wishes are always taken into account.

In kindergarten there is an active system of language support - from the first days of education students immerse themselves in the language environment and constantly learn something new. Teachers and language specialists have a high level of skills and rich experience in working with students , therefore they present their knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, in the form of interesting games and activities. With the passage of time and taking into account the development of the student, tasks and topics become more complicated, and by the end of the kindergarten small pupils already have a sufficiently high level of development. For Italian students and all those who wish, it is possible to study Italian. In addition to academic, sporting and creative development, students are actively involved in interaction with the environment and nature, which is an important part of the education system - they learn to cherish nature and preserve it, to comprehend the place of man on the planet and his responsibility.

Thanks to the exceptional quality of education and high standards, the Department of Early Childhood Education at the International School of Siena provides a high level of development, skills and knowledge - students understand the world around them and easily move to primary school.

The cost of training on the programs Early Years (Kindergarten):

  • Prekindergarden: from 9000 € / year
  • Kindergarden: from 9000 € / year
  • Transition: from 9500 € / year.

All courses

Program name
Last booking 2 weeks ago
All year round
from 10380.00 € / year
from 10380.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
Last booking 6 weeks ago
All year round
from 13660.00 € / year
from 13660.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 14760.00 € / year
from 14760.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 17300.00 € / year
from 17300.00 € / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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