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Master's program(english) in HULT International Business School Dubai

HULT International Business School Dubai
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171000.00 aed / year
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Program name
All year round
from 171000.00 aed / year
from 171000.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


Master's program

1. Age of participants: from 20 years

2. Duration of education: 1 year (standard program)

3. Beginning of classes: September

4. Level of English: from IELTS 6.5 (certificate is required if English is not native)

5. Level of education: Bachelor's degree

6. Language of instruction: English.

Hult International Business School (Dubai International Business School) Dubai offers students from anywhere in the world quality and relevant programs. For admission it is necessary to have not only an appropriate level of education and knowledge of English, but also to have highly developed professional and personal qualities (knowledge of several languages ​​and experience of life in different states are welcome). Master's program is presented by one high-grade program and several programs on rotation:

1. Standard:

  • International Business (Master of International Business)

2. Rotation (only electives):

  • International Marketing (Master of International Marketing)
  • Finance (Master of Finance)
  • Banking services (International Banking).

Rotation is a special program that operates in the HULT network and allows students from other departments to attend part of the education in another country. Also, students of the Dubai campus can either complete an annual education course entirely in Dubai, or go through 1-2 modules in Boston, San Francisco, London, Shanghai or New York. Thus, if desired, students can change their location 3 times in 1 year of study and gain experience in studying and living in three major cities of world significance. The annual schedule consists of several modules:

1) "Immersion": introductory module (business basics) for 3 weeks in September

2) General courses and group business projects:

  • Module A: 12 weeks, from October to December
  • Module B: 11 weeks, January to March
  • Modules C: 6 weeks, from March to April

3) Specialization courses and participation in the rotation program (optional):

  • Module D: 6 weeks, from May to June
  • Module E: 6 weeks, from July to August.

Master's curricula meet the best modern standards and provide an opportunity to receive not only a large amount of knowledge, but also a unique experience of practical activity, to learn to respond to complex challenges and risks, to operate in critical conditions and adapt to rapidly changing realities. Teachers have an exceptionally high level of qualification and are active workers from different areas of business. Classes and master classes are regularly held with the participation of invited experts, including leaders of the world's largest companies. Much attention is paid to the development of professional and career skills: students constantly apply the acquired knowledge in practice, participate in group projects, form a range of interests and preferences. The program consists of a complex of subjects: for each successfully passed credit is accrued, which are summed up on the basis of the module and the full rate.

Due to the fundamental base, exceptional quality of programs and professional staff, graduates of HULT International Business School (Dubai International Business School) Dubai have the qualities of a true leader of a new generation and achieve significant success in labor, professional and research activities in various parts of the world.

Disciplines of the curriculum:

International Business (Master of International Business):

Main modules:

  • Introductory course ("Immersion")
  • Accounting
  • Marketing in the international sphere
  • Economy in the global world
  • Thinking Strategies
  • Management in the financial sphere
  • Operational management
  • Strategies in the global world
  • Hult Business Challenge
  • Career: skills and development.

Subjects by directions (indicative list):

1. Marketing:

  • Marketing in the digital environment and social media resources
  • Research and Analytics
  • Strategic brand management
  • Digital Marketing: customer base development

2. Finances:

  • Finance
  • Business Analysis and Evaluation
  • Finance in the field of entrepreneurship

3. Entrepreneurship:

  • Breakthrough business models
  • Innovations in the social sphere
  • Marketing in Entrepreneurship

4. Project management:

  • Planning and execution of the project
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Project quality and risk management

5. Family business:

  • The basics of the family business and the necessary conditions for its success
  • Growth and transformation in the family business
  • Viability of the family business: strategies and rules

6. Business Analytics:

  • Quantitative methods of management
  • Data collection.

Career prospects:

  • Consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Associate Product Manager
  • Marketing Research Assistant
  • Product Research Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Auditor.

Curriculum and career prospects for rotation programs (electives):

International Marketing (Master of International Marketing):

1. Modules:

  • Social Innovations
  • Principal leadership in multi cultural organizations
  • Advantages of digital economy
  • Psychology of management
  • International negotiations
  • Marketing research
  • Breakthrough business models
  • Internship (optional)

2. Prospects:

  • Marketing Analyst
  • Associate Product Manager
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Content manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Research Assistant
  • Manager of social networks
  • Product Research Analyst
  • Clerk.

Finance (Master of Finance):

1. Modules:

  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Structuring and modeling in the financial sphere
  • Global Assessment and Strategies
  • M & A
  • The Next Uber: Strategy in the Sharing Economy
  • Internship (optional).

2. Prospects:

  • Financial analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial reporter
  • Analyst of derivatives
  • Analyst for credit risks
  • Salary Specialist
  • The trader.

International Banking (this program is no longer independent and is integrated with the Master in Finance course):


  • Refund strategy
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • M & A
  • Planning a scenario
  • Internship by choice.

Master's programs at HULT International Business School (Dubai International Business School) Dubai:

1. Standard: International Business (Master of International Business) with specializations:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Family business
  • Business analytics

2. Available in rotation mode (only elective disciplines, modules with a duration of 6 weeks):

  • International Marketing (Master of International Marketing)
  • Finance (Master of Finance)
  • Banking services (International Banking).

Tuition fees in the Master's program:

  • International Business (Master of International Business) = from 162000AED.

All courses

Program name
All year round
from 171000.00 aed / year
from 171000.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year
All year round
from 281000.00 aed / year
from 281000.00 aed / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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