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Description : English language program in Teaching in a Teacher's Family Canada Home Language International

Teaching in a Teacher's Family Canada Home Language International
from 50.00
/ lesson
Teaching in a Teacher's Family Canada Home Language International Individual lessons with the teacher are developed for each student.
Teaching in a Teacher's Family Canada Home Language International
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Ranking: 82.8
Accommodation type: host family
Language of studies English, French
from $ 50.00 / lesson
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English + Sport

The course Includes English lessons (10 per week) and 3 sports exercises. In Toronto you can learn karting, golf, canoeing or tennis.

School description

Home Language International provides an amazingly effective and fast learning of a foreign language: you attend lessons directly in the house in which you live! Living in a qualified teacher's family, interesting and productive lessons, constant linguistic practice with native speakers of a foreign language will all help you to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier as soon as possible.

Home Language International was founded in 1979 and today provides the opportunity to study 20 languages ​​in 30 countries around the world. In Canada, education and accommodation are offered in large, vibrant and distinctive cities - Toronto or Vancouver. Students of any age and level of preparation, from beginners to advanced students, can prepare for the course - for everyone, the most effective and comfortable variant of studying will be formed.

You live in your own home of a qualified, experienced teacher and share life with his family: keep in touch with them, have dinner together, attend various events. Lessons are held individually: all the attention of the teacher is focused only on you: the program, intensity and subject of lessons are completely adjusted to your needs, requests and requirements.

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Program name

English + Sport

The course Includes English lessons (10 per week) and 3 sports exercises. In Toronto you can learn karting, golf, canoeing or tennis.

English + Culture

There are 10 language lessons and a lot of cultural leisure activities that allow you to get acquainted with the unique image and character of Canada, to learn more about its culture and art, city life, to communicate with representatives of Canadian nationality. Students visit the Canadian Art Gallery, Pioneer Village, go on excursions around Toronto and on an extensive sightseeing tour.

English + Seasonal Activities

An excellent course is designed for those who want to fully experience the atmosphere of the Western Christmas and New Year, to spend unforgettable vacations and enjoy bright holidays! Christmas and New Year's course provides 10 English lessons per week plus a visit to numerous festive events, concerts, exhibitions and fairs.

from 1 590 $ / week

English + multipurpose events

The cost of this course already includes all future costs:

  • English lessons;
  • Accommodation and meals;
  • Cinema;
  • Museums;
  • Theaters;
  • Walks and sightseeing tours around the city.

Also, the teacher can invite you to visit your friends (native speakers), play mini golf or attend a concert - everything is negotiated individually.

Universal activities (without English lessons)

Also you have the opportunity to learn the language in the most relaxed and free environment. This version of the program does not provide for direct lessons and classes with the teacher - you will learn English during various leisure programs, walking around the city, shopping and communicating with Canadians.

In addition, you can select additional program options. For example, book only accommodation in the teacher's home (half board and full), or just lessons (the teacher will come to you for individual lessons). English language programs are also offered online - lessons are conducted by using Skype.

from 1 470 $ / week

French language immersion courses in Canada

A standard, universal French language course is available to students of almost any age: children, schoolchildren, students and university entrants, as well as adults and elderly people.

Classic Language Program

The program includes 1 week of full board accommodation with individual lessons for 1 student.

Language Program with Activities

The program includes 1 week full board accommodation with individual lessons, events, transportation costs and entrance fees for the student and accompanying person.

Language Program with Cultural Excursions

The course includes 1-week full board accommodation, individual language lessons, travel expenses, ticket and admission fees for the student and accompanying person.

Events list: Place Royale & Old Quebec, Battlefields Park, Quartier Petit-Champlain, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Dufferin Terrace Attractions, Citadel, Abraham Plains, Civilization Museum, Parliament, Notre Dame de Quebec, Museum of Fine Arts , Old port market, observatory.

Accommodation is organized on a full or half board basis.

Additional expenses

  • Business and specialized dictionary;
  • Preparation for the exam;
  • Teacher studying course;
  • Additional supervision;
  • Special diets;
  • Special needs;
  • Christmas / New Year / Thanks giving;
  • Private bathroom;
  • VIP accommodation;
  • Accommodation 5 *.
from 50 $ / lesson

Make an online course according to your criteria:

  • A choice of 20 languages in 30 countries
  • Over 1000 highly qualified native speakers teachers
  • Any age, any level of language
  • Flexible class schedule
  • Learn the language comfortably from home.
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