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Summer academic English in Harvard Summer School

Harvard Summer School
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boarding house, residence
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9370.00 $ / 3 weeks
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Program name
22.06.2020 - 10.08.2020
from 9370.00 $ / 3 weeks
from 9370.00 $ / 3 weeks
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


Classes at Harvard Summer School in many ways repeat the program of the American high school: it is more than 40 disciplines - technical, humanitarian, social, informatics, foreign languages ​​(more than 10), economics, literature. A total of more than 300 classes are available to students in the afternoon and evening. Many courses are similar to those offered at Harvard on the bachelor's program. Foreign students, for whom English is not native, can study at a special Institute of English. There is also an opportunity to study abroad - partner educational institutions and branches are located in Greece, China and other countries. The most popular professions students choose are the following:

  • Bases of economy
  • Automation and programming
  • English for foreigners
  • Creating dynamic sites
  • neurobiology
  • general chemistry
  • Shakespeare
  • Multiparametric calculus
  • Introduction to psychology
  • Wit and humor
  • Reading and studying strategies (managing their time, improving their performance, skills in correct and fast reading).

The summer courses program was rigorously tested by independent professionals and professors at Harvard University and fully meets the highest standards of Harvard University itself.

Students are given the opportunity to work with a variety of academic forms:

  • Lectures and seminars;
  • Theoretical discussions;
  • Practical experiments and experiments in laboratories;
  • Master classes and joint work with leading scientists of different countries.

Summer students often attend Harvard professors' seminars (up to 15 people on each direction) - this gives an opportunity to take part in serious scientific work, to acquire valuable academic experience under the guidance of a professional.

Note that the passage of the Summer School does not guarantee entry into Harvard - however, students who have completed courses with a large number of credits look more attractive in the eyes of the admission committee, according to statistics, they are easier to interview and write an introductory essay more qualitatively.

The duration of the Harvard Summer School program is 3 or 7 weeks: students study 6 weeks, and the last, 7 week, is assigned for examination tests and examinations. Each chosen educational course helps to earn 4-8 educational credits, which can be counted upon admission to higher education programs.

All courses

Program name
22.06.2020 - 10.08.2020
from 9370.00 $ / 3 weeks
from 9370.00 $ / 3 weeks
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year


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