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Description : Kindergarten (Russian) in Gymnasium №1573 Moscow

Gymnasium №1573 Moscow
Gymnasium №1573 Moscow
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Ranking: 70
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Language of studies Russian
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Quick overview: Preschool education (1.5-7 years) - family attendance groups for short-term or full-day stay.

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The gymnasium was opened in 2006. Since 2011, this educational institution has been annually confirming the high level of education by its participation in the ratings of the best schools in Moscow, the possession of several grants from the Mayor, many areas of specialized training and the release of successful students who pass the exam for high scores.

The gymnasium provides several types of meals: paid and discounted, subscription and one-time meals. To order preferential and subscription types, students must register an application on the portal, where it is also possible to regulate child's diet, spending on the Moskvenok card, and attendance at lessons.

The electronic card "Moskvenok" of the "Passage and Meals" system is used by students when paying for purchases in the cafeteria and buffet, when entering and exiting through the turnstiles of the building.

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Program name

Quick overview: Preschool education (1.5-7 years) - family attendance groups for short-term or full-day stay.

Quick overview: Primary education (7-11 years old) consists of the study of basic subjects. Adapted programs are implemented for students with:

  • Mental retardation;
  • Severe speech disorders;
  • Hearing impairment (hard of hearing and late deafness);
  • Visual impairment (visually impaired);
  • Autism spectrum disorders.

Quick overview:

  • Basic subjects;
  • Preparatory classes for passing the OGE.

From the seventh year of study, there is an opportunity to study in a cadet class or under the "Mathematical Vertical" project. An IT class is open for students in grades 8-9.

Quick overview: Secondary education (16-18 years old) consists of basic subjects and disciplines chosen for passing the exam. Educational process in specialized classes takes place on the basis of projects with the support of cooperating universities:

  • IT;
  • Medical;
  • Engineering;
  • Humanitarian.
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