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Year of study in England - the cost of training for Russian

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Year of study in England - the cost of training for Russian

It's no secret that education received in the UK has an undeniable status of prestige and quality. And from the opportunities that open to the holder of the certificate of education of a foreign model, it is simply breathtaking!

Britain has attracted people of all ages from all over the world for many decades, since the English education system has accumulated colossal experience. And today, thanks to this structure, to learn English in his homeland is an opportunity that is accessible to many.

The English educational system is built in such a way that it is possible to begin learning a language or deepen its knowledge practically at any age and at any time of the year! Of course, immediately there is an important question - how much will it cost you? We will talk about this further. Prices for study in Britain have always been above average, but the quality offered by educational institutions is certainly worth it.

Year of study in England at the University - Bachelor and Master

To begin with, we note that the cost of training in school , college orthe university abroad is formed? Based on several key indicators - such as the rating of the institution, duration of the program and additional activities. We will show you the approximate prices, but it is possible that the final cost in each individual case will be different.

So, studying in the UK gives a unique opportunity to get to the best universities in the world - Oxford, Cambridge and others - and this is the chance that any high school student or foreign student dreams of!

That's why many Young people come to England to continue their studies after school in a foreign institution of higher education (bachelor's degree) or to move to another level of higher education (magistracy). In the first case, the cost of annual training will vary from 9 to 13 thousand pounds sterling, and in some specialties (medical, for example) reaches 20-40 thousand pounds per year. In order to get a bachelor's degree abroad, you will need to study 3-4 years, and for a master's degree - 1 year. Duration of training may vary depending on the specialty, but in general the terms are the same everywhere.

The cost of schooling in England for children and schoolchildren

Of course, study in England for children and adolescents Than at university. However, in some prestigious schools it can reach the same level. I must say that there are plenty of options for teaching a foreign language in the case of children and schoolchildren, so the proposed range of courses and programs will easily satisfy different needs - from the cost to the time of the year.

So, studying English in Englandcan begin already with three years: the truth, at such an age it is better to pass a family program, so that young students are not lost in the new situation. But from the age of 5-7, children can already learn without the obligatory presence of their parents.

A summer or summer course, from 2 weeks to a month, is a good option for children of any age - here the child can pull up the level of the language and have fun . The cost of studying for children's language courses can range from 700 to 8000 pounds.

If you are interested in a longer period of study, you can go to a private boarding school, where you can complete 1 year as a Russian school. In this case, the parents of the child will need about 19-40 thousand pounds to pay for one academic year. You can give your child to study at a boarding school from 7 to 18 years old.

A year of English for English and Russian education for Russians and foreigners

Also for students who come from abroad, a special course is provided in British schools, colleges and universities ESL (English as a Second Language), that is, English as a second language. Thanks to this program, students from other countries can quickly adapt in a new environment for themselves and more efficiently receive training.

Among the options for studying for foreigners can be and training in the boarding house, and summer language courses for children and adolescents, and narrow professional programs for adults - various business courses for top managers, organized in a comfortable environment (from 1500 £ for 2 weeks).

A program of academic English can be preliminarily passed to prepare for studies at a school or university , which will definitely increase the chances of enrolling. The price for language courses is almost the same everywhere and varies depending on the number of study hours, the location of the educational institution and the living conditions. For example, for children this is 8 thousand for 6 weeks, 700 pounds for a week, for adults - more than 10 thousand for a month.

The price of studying in England after the 9th, 10th, 11th grades

As a rule, during this period young people and their parents are interested in pre-university training programs that help improve the existing knowledge base and raise the level of the language to This is necessary for admission to a higher educational institution.

Studies in such preparatory courses - A-Level, International Baccalaureate or Foundation - will take 1-2 years. Passage of one of these programs is especially recommended for schoolchildren from Russia - it is almost impossible for a Russian schoolchild to go to school, college or university without preliminary training because of the essential difference in the educational systems of the two countries. The cost of training in this case will be from 8 thousand pounds for a trimester, and for a year - about 28 thousand pounds sterling.

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