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"Global Education": study abroad at public expense

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"Global Education": study abroad at public expense

Global Education is a project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The framework provisions and principles of the Program were fixed by the relevant Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in December 2013. The project is aimed at strengthening the human resources capacity of the country.

The goal of the Program is to preserve and multiply the staff (managerial, medical, engineering, pedagogical, scientific), support for students enrolled in foreign universities, and subsequent employment of these specialists in the Russian Federation. The project involves the involvement of professionals who have received world-class education in various fields.

Within the framework of the Program, Russian citizens have the opportunity to study at the best universities in the world at public expense, subsequently to find employment in leading companies, enterprises, organizations of the profile sector. To employers of the Russian Federation the project allows to find and invite highly qualified specialists competitive on the world labor market.

More about the Program

The project, the global goal of which is to increase the competitiveness of higher education in the Russian Federation, the quality of management in the state, municipal, high-tech, social Sector, is at the start. The program is designed to stimulate Russian youth to self-realization, to achieve success through receiving education that meets world standards.

What is involved in the project?

Every Russian who knows English, who has independently enrolled in one of the leading universities in the world, can study abroad for free (at the expense of the RF budgetary funds ). Education at the level of world standards is a great start for a future career. Support and assistance in finding a job in Russia for young specialists who graduated from the world universities is guaranteed by the Program.

What do I need to participate in the Program?

The main steps are briefly formulated inpresentation of the project.

The participation procedure is organized according to the following scheme: registration in the electronic queue on the organizer's website, independent admission to the university for the programmed direction, obtaining a target loan, successful training, employment in the Russian Federation in Profile organization (must work for 3 years).

Who can participate in the program

The program is aimed at bachelors, young researchers, masters, graduate students. Participation for students of junior courses is not provided. The project is designed for the formed personalities who are ready to fulfill the set conditions.

What is the amount of funding for one student?

A maximum of 1.38 million rubles is allocated for the training of one specialist from the federal budget.

Where can I get training under the Program and in what areas?

The list of educational institutions was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Today, bachelors, graduate students, masters, young scientists can improve their qualifications in Cambridge, Oxford, London Royal College, Yale University, Harvard, and some other universities in the world, among the best educational institutions on the planet.

The project allows you to get education at public expense and subsequently find a job in 4 areas:

  • social sphere;
  • high technologies;
  • state, municipal government;
  • management in science and higher education.

] When will the Program start?

The project is approved by Government Decree 20.06.2014. The next step is the creation of a working infrastructure. The project is planned for 2014-2016.

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