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Florida High Schools, high school education in Florida

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Florida High Schools, high school education in Florida

How relevant is enrollment in Florida's high schools and training in the US ? In this article, we will talk about the specifics of training in this sunny state. The United States of America is one of the most developed countries in the world, which attracts stability, a high standard of living, social development, confidence in the future. In today's world, there are many ways to immigrate to the US, one of which is training with subsequent employment, and teaching in a high school in Florida can help you in this.

How Florida's secondary schools are organized: structure, education system, cost and prices

The choice of educational institutions in the United States is an important issue, since it is from the school that the preparation for entering colleges and universities begins. Almost 25% of Florida's secondary schools are private , the rest - public . Foreign students often choose private boarding schools , which are advantageously different from state high level of academic training and organization of extra-curricular pastime.

The system of education in the United States differs from the Russian freedom of choice: each state has the right to approve its own educational plan, schools have the right to approve their own programs, students have the right to choose subjects of interest in addition to compulsory disciplines. Thus, the idea of developing individuality, self-expression, tolerance and respect for others is supported.

The middle schools in Florida are divided into three main stages, divided by the age of the students:

  • elementary - elementary school (5-10),
  • average - middle school (11-14),
  • the eldest is high school (15-18).

It is better for foreigners to begin preparing in advance for admission to the chosen educational institution. The list of required documents includes:

  • an extract of estimates for the last few years
  • recommendations from teachers
  • application for admission
  • certificates and certificates about the availability of sports and other achievements.

Some of the requirements of some educational institutions may include:

  • writing an essay on the chosen topic,
  • certificates on the successful delivery of language tests,
  • interview (by Skype / personal),
  • the delivery of the standardized academic test SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test), which is designed to assess the basic skills necessary for learning: the ability to verbal reasoning, reading comprehension and mathematics.

The secondary education obtained in America allows foreign teenagers and students to enter the American college and universities without additional training. In the best schools in Florida, especially in private, some subjects are taught at the level of university courses and are counted upon admission.

The cost of secondary education in private schools is not low: prices range from $ 40,000 to $ 85,000 / year, including accommodation, meals, teaching materials, school uniforms, sports and entertainment events, insurance.

The advantages of studying in Florida for foreign students and students

  • The language of instruction. Almost all of Florida's secondary schools are taught in English , which significantly increases the level of language proficiency and the language integration of students.
  • Mild climate. Florida is in the southeast of the US and is washed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. Here all year round it is warm and sunny.
  • Leisure. Students from local schools can have fun after classes: go in for sports, visit all kinds of amusement parks, which in Florida are very many, get acquainted with the traditions and customs of indigenous peoples, thereby broadening the horizon in general.
  • The cost. Prices in educational institutions in Florida are relatively low compared to New York , for example, while the quality of academic training is no different.

The best high schools in Florida: rating, cost





Cost / year

Accommodation conditions

American Heritage School Plantation


  • 1 place in the state by the number of National Merit Scholarship scholarships.
  • 1 place in the country in mathematics and mathematical analysis.

Middle Classes

High school

Preparation for the University (medicine, jurisprudence, engineering sciences to choose from)

From 45000 $

Host family

Admiral Farragut Academy

Saint Petersburg

One of two schools in the US with in-depth training in naval affairs (Honor Naval school).

High School, Diploma + AP

Starting at $ 51800

Separate residence on campus.

Full board

Summer program with a scientific bias

Cost requires clarification

Academy IMG

Bradenton, Manati County

A unique educational institution combining a program of academic training and professional sports training (priority is golf and tennis).

middle classes

from 38500 $

Accommodation is separate in residences and cottages on campus. Meals according to the full board (sports, diet menu)

high school

from 41500 $

Windermere Preparatory School


One of the schools of the international network of educational institutions Meritas Family.

Primary and Secondary Classes

Preparation for IB

Program IB

Diploma + AP

From 57000 $

Accommodation in comfortable houses on campus (students under the age of 9 live with their parents and relatives). Meals are provided on a full board basis.

Program for future business leaders

From 3295 $ / 12 days

Academia Sánchez-Casal


It is considered one of the most prestigious and popular professional tennis schools in Europe and the world.

High school

Starting at $ 12500

Accommodation in residences and cottages on campus. A full board meal (a balanced diet covers all the energy requirements of young athletes with intensive training in mind).

Preparing for SAT

From 800 $ / 10 weeks

English + tennis lessons

From $ 1790 / week

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