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Andrew E. Review: training in Malta. Advantages and disadvantages (Graduate of the Kuban State University)

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How I went to Malta to learn the language after refusing a visa to Canada.

I went to Malta from hopelessness, let's say. First I wanted to leave for half a year to learn the language in Canada. I applied for a visa through a small agency in Krasnodar (not through SMAPS) and was refused. It was necessary to quickly reorient, chose Malta.

I will say right away, I initially expected something more and, in my opinion, Malta is suitable for combining study and rest in a warm time (summer). Winter, spring is not the best time.

The impression of a trip to Malta started on the plane. When they flew over Italy, I buried myself in an elluminator and looked down. Well, the island, but we somehow flew it. It was Sicily. After a while, something small appeared in the sea. Here it is, almost invisible in the sea of ​​Malta.

It really was a tiny island. Here everything is small: at home, roads, shops. The size of the island is somewhere 10 to 25 km, and if you want it you can go around on a bicycle. Walking along the embankment, for 40 minutes you can pass 4-5 cities and do not notice it. Yes, by the way, the state of Malta itself consists of 4 islands. The largest and most important is Malta with the same name with a population of about 300 thousand people, Gozo goes next about 35 thousand, and then 2 others, one of which, in my opinion, is home to four people, and the other zero. Something like this.

I forgot to say that I flew to Malta in January. It's cold, damp, the island is very blowing, lots of rocky shores, and the waves in some places are beating against the shore and splashing above your head. In addition, the weather changes constantly.

As for the school, I studied at school IELS . Good school, good teachers. But not all! One I had a nuddy, I was several times almost chopped off in class. Lessons, by the way were in groups of 8 people. In my group there was a guy from Ukraine 28 years old, 2 Kazakhs 23 and 29 years old, Japanese. Her age is hard to name at all. These are those who studied for a long time, and so people changed every week, someone came, someone left. I studied for 6 months and accordingly, whom I just did not see: Dutch, Germans, French, Italians, Romanians, etc.

What else can I add, during the training we went on a boat to the blue lagoon, went to the island of Gozo, to the place where the film "Troy" was shot with Brad Pitt, went on tours in historical places - It's interesting!

I was very lucky with one teacher. Very "cool" madam. We made friends during the training, went to visit her on a barbecue, she lived with her husband and two young children in a very decent villa. Her husband had his own sports bar, and we went there several times for a get-together. For the entire history of my studies in Russia, I never took a ride with a teacher to the bar!

For 6 months I was preparing to hand over IELTS , and I did it. I passed it to 6.5 - this is enough to enter the university with training in English.

In terms of entertaining, we played football against other language schools. The swimming season began in May. From this time after the lessons we went to practice on the beach, which belonged to the hotel of Dragonar. There, incidentally, I enrolled in the gym, which for me is not unimportant.

And now ATTENTION! In Malta I lived in a residence. It was a building with apartments, where there were 3 rooms, a common room and a kitchen. Clean and tidy. So, I stole a laptop, a video camera, a razor and sneakers. In Malta, a lot of houses are located close to each other. And with the naked eye, you can estimate that climbing the window to or from this place will not be difficult. So I guess that someone got to me. So be careful!

I hope you will be useful!

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