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Romanov Artem, 18 years old (Vacationing in the summer school of Leonardo Da Vinci Cilento (Summer School Leonardo Da Vinchi Chilento))

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a student's review of Leonardo's summer school, Da Vinci Chilento (Summer School Leonardo Da Vinci Chilento)

This year I receive a certificate of maturity. The choice of profession was made a year ago (and this was facilitated by my trip to Italy). Since early childhood I have been fond of history, archeology, ancient architecture. In search of an interesting material for himself somehow came out on the SMAPS and read out ... It seems like an ordinary article about the schools of Italy, but it turned out to be very much cognitive for me. Consulted on the site - and I insisted on a trip to Summer School Leonardo Da Vinchi Chilento. Parents agreed, the benefit of the price compared to other countries is not very high. And now I remember with pleasure the wonderful weeks of study and rest. First, he "bite into" Italian (before he studied it in courses), but most importantly he fulfilled his dream: he visited archaeological excavations, saw an antique complex, was in numerous museums. And the sea, the beach and new friends added impressions! I want to return here as a student!

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