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Alekseev Ruslan, 17 years old, the language school France Langue Nice, Nice (student)

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I just want to thank the guys from SMASS who pushed me to choose a classroom in France - a language school France Langue Nice, Nice .

The city itself is already fascinating: here is the history of France, and the beaches, and what pleases me is the most "Russian" French city, in my opinion! Someone can say that this is a minus, that they say there are Russians there, and there is no training. But this is completely wrong. At school we talk all the time in French. It is forbidden to speak in other languages. When we leave the school with the guys, we also speak French, as this is the common language of communication between foreigners. In general, a brief summary: I improve the language in a multi-national environment, I live in a hospitable family (half board), in summer - the beach. On vacation they took the car with the guys from school, rented them, rode along the coast of France. With the school went to Cannes, Monaco, Saint Tropez. Were at concerts. We regularly play football, volleyball.

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