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Tokareva Anna, 40 years old (Daughter studies in a private school Notre Dame)

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When my daughter was 14 years old, we seriously thought about her future and future career choice. She draws well and studies the foreign language diligently. She already now expresses a desire to design clothes and find their place in the modeling business.

When choosing the country of study, they considered England, Italy, France. They stopped at France, because at the time of choosing the Italian school she did not know, and French was her second foreign language after English. For the third year she has been studying at a private school Notre Dame . He studies French, perfects English, since the education here is conducted in two languages ​​- French and American teachers. Daughter completely immersed in the language environment, she lives in a family, full board. Studying program disciplines, French culture, is engaged in an art studio. He misses the house, but does not intend to return: he understands the necessity of staying in France.

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