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Korablev Igor 16 years old, the language school Ecole Des Roches (schoolboy)

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I dreamed of traveling to France since early childhood! I really wanted to go to Paris, in Normandy, to see the sights of this country, to get acquainted with foreign students of the same age. At school I study English, and French - with a tutor.

Many of my friends who have already had the experience of studying abroad have significantly improved their level. Became more confident. Some guys who have traveled several times, speak French fluently. I, too, of course, really wanted to go at least for a short time. My mother and I have discussed our desire to go to language courses in France, watching the French schools and summer camps on the Internet. Attracted the school of Ecole Des Roches , and for some time prepared and planned this trip.

You can enter this school either in summer or winter, during the holidays, plunge completely into the language environment, learn the language with the help of experienced French teachers, and for long studies, and prepare for entering the university . The school, by the way, is located in a picturesque corner of Normandy.

I think you will be interested in the cost of studying. At that time, the price for 3 weeks with accommodation was 3480 euros, learned from my mother when she went to book a course with the company SMAPSE, which helped us with everything. Very friendly managers, before the trip talked with me, asked what I want to do extra while I'm at school, immediately asked the school for my questions. The guys shared their experience of studying abroad, we exchanged contacts, and I wrote them any questions while I was at school. In fact, it's very cool, and you feel much more confident.

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