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2015-05-25 17:43:20

Danil, 28, a review of the trip to Barcelona (Manager of the rating agency Moody's, UAE)

Reviews - Danil, 28, a review of the trip to Barcelona

I come to Barcelona for the second time and study in the school Don Quixote. If it is useful, I think this school is the best of the language schools in Bars. Location, people, atmosphere - everything is super. The first time I came for 4 weeks.

I began studying Spanish from the zero level. In a couple of weeks began to explain something there in the shops. It was in the third week that I felt a certain confidence. Just at this moment I realized that it is necessary to "finish off" my studying. I decided to come after the second time, which I actually did.

Living in Barcelona while studying

I decided to stay at the student residence for the first time and believe that I made the right choice, since from the very first step I began to get acquainted with foreign students from all over the world. When I just drove from the airport to the building (I had no idea what the residence looked like before), there was about 5 minutes on the road. Then suddenly the door opened and a girl of about 18 came out to meet me. I asked her in English where the school's residence Don Quixote? And then everything actually started.

Immediately, I note that before the arrival it was necessary to read the "welcome brochures" of the school, where everything is detailed. Where to take the keys, where to go, etc. I somehow missed this moment. For newcomers, in the text of the review, I attached the photo of the residence. This is how it looks, and it is this whole building - the student residence of the Don Quixote school. 6 floors, on the top floor there is a laundry room, on the first floor there is a dining room / kitchen. On each floor there are small kitchens for 5 persons, bathrooms for 2-3 people.

So, I went into the residence, there was a corridor with an old staircase, and then there was a dining room, a kitchen-dining room. I went there and was attacked by foreign students: "new", "new"! Mostly all spoke English - this is a big plus for me, as I speak English at a high level. Very friendly guys: from Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia. The residence also housed students 30+. There was an English woman of about 60, an American, someone else, but I was not particularly interested in them.

студенческие резиденции в барселоне

The residence is one of the most expensive accommodation options, but I do not regret that I lived there, as I met with the guys with whom I keep in touch. They also showed me everything I needed to know, plus - we just spent a lot of time: we went to school together, went to the gym, then to the beach, played soccer, went to all sorts of excursions, went to restaurants, bars and clubs.

The school 

студенческая резиденция дон кихот изнутри

Please note that not all rooms are the same in the residence. There are bigger rooms with access to the street, there are smaller rooms, with access to the internal spiral concrete staircase. I got the one that is smaller. I came to the school and asked to give a room that is bigger (they have one price). 

Features of the residence

Keep in mind, when you live in a residence, you should be set on what will be "fun" there. To retire, be alone, drink seagulls and read a little book - it's not about the residence. Here, all 6 floors are crammed with students, they all need something, all of them are interested in something, they are all drawn somewhere. If you are specifically focused on learning, do it in the school, in the school library, in specially equipped halls. They are excellent there. When you return to the residence, you live by its laws. If you want peace of mind, full immersion in studying, it is better to choose a residence in a family or a student apartment for 3-4 people.

Teaching at school. Advantages

I could not find fault with teaching at school. And neither to the learning process, nor to the teachers. My teachers were quite young guys, a guy and a woman of 35 years. They were cheerful, constantly telling stories, and after lessons we often went to drink coffee, met with them in restaurants, went to watch football in the bar. In general, teachers there are not just teachers, but also friends, and guides to the Spanish culture and life of the city.

My second visit to Barcelona

I was not looking for something new, but I went where I already was and what I was sure of Don Quijote School met me very well and remembered me perfectly. Only this time I was staying at the hotel, as I was visiting with my girlfriend, and then I needed a personal space, and I already knew a lot. I attach a couple of photos from my last trip in May 2015, I hope everyone who is going to go to Barcelona to study will be transferred our wonderful impressions of the trip.

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Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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