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Marina S. (Review of Carlsbad International School)

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After the 9th grade, the child was transferred to the Czech Republic to an international baccalaureate (although it took a year to prepare in Russia). We chose the price-quality combination first and foremost, and we heard that Czech schools and universities are very good. There is no pathos, as in England or Switzerland, the quality of education is excellent, children from all over Europe.

While we are satisfied with everything, we and our daughter! Note equipment - almost everything in children is now electronic, in a computer. It’s a little pity that they write less with their own hands (nobody canceled motor memory), but don’t carry kilograms of textbooks, we can look at academic records or information about future excursions, some photos from a football match, and other educational materials at any time they are available, it turns out, in fact, around the clock. Present, what can you do. :))

The school in Karlovy Vary stands very well: a small city (by our Russian standards), but developed, rich, many interesting restaurants, walking places, well, all these healing springs, you can go to the baths, to the promenade - in general, on weekends children a lot of fun from the city.

Thanks Smaps for the help with the trip and the selection of the school! You hit the bull's eye on all counts, you rarely see such an orientation!

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