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Alexander P. (Schule Schloss Salem School Review)

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Very happy with my son’s studies here. We study not according to the German program, but according to the international, because we are still not sure that we will be in Germany, we are looking at options in England and Switzerland.

Strong language training: when we first arrived, there were special classes for newcomers-foreigners to adapt, and now studying English / German and what else do you choose there at your discretion takes a lot of time. They learn more in practice than in theory: constantly classes in some laboratories, group projects with other children, workshops with teachers, in good weather, they even study outdoors. By the way, sports as well - according to our observations, European children turned out to be much more seasoned and healthy, but in the second year the son pulled himself up to them, became sick less and looked generally stronger when they saw each other in summer.

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