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Jana (Review of Amadeus International School Vienna)

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You can write about school for a long time, but at the request of my manager, I will note the main advantages that I specifically like in Amadeus:

  • I like that the teachers are as impartial as possible - no one has any favorites, everyone treats you like you show yourself and learn. Everything is very objective, this was not enough for me in a Moscow school.
  • A convenient lesson schedule: you have to study a lot, but everything somehow breaks up so successfully during the day that you don’t get very tired. On the contrary, in the evening, just before going to bed, you think that the day was directly busy, there is something to remember - and so almost every day
  • I like that here are guys from all over the world, so studying is much more interesting! I am friends with a girl from Morocco and a company (three friends) from France, we often work on extracurricular activities with twin sisters from Scotland, they arrived directly together. I like it (I think if you stay abroad permanently, then only such an experience will be useful)
  • really tasty food in the school cafeteria! Varied, every week we get something new special (usually on Thursdays or Fridays)
  • there is where to take a walk and sit on the grass right without leaving school - it’s cozy somehow. Here you have to learn and relax right away, super, especially if you're lucky with the weather.

I don’t do music specifically (what this school is famous for), because I can’t note anything here.

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