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Kristina, mother of student Xenia (Wycliffe College School Review)

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We really like the school: it is at the same time strict with high requirements for students, but at the same time the requirements are not artificially high, children are treated like a human being. For example, in a Russian school you should get all fives everywhere, but here teachers calmly relate to the fact that the student is brilliant in biology and chemistry, but weak in mathematics - and no one will torment him, they will simply derive a decent average mark in mathematics, and they will focus on successful subjects and show at the university as a virtue.

Competent, constant and attentive work with children: there are tutors and personal curators, you can go to the teacher for advice, there are separate hours for career guidance (but this is more for senior, graduate classes). Children, in my opinion, feel more comfortable this way - they look at who has what strengths and develop them, so that everyone feels at least something special.

All this applies to the extracurricular part: there are many practically professional sports sections, there are creative workshops, where teachers are also very strong. Ksenia is focused more on the educational part, but the fact that she can do sports every day for pleasure and health (and without leaving school) is very pleasing. And she herself says that to go for a run or play lacrosse (mastered there, by the way) she works as a good rest from classes.

It is for this atmosphere that the school is ready to give the highest score, we do not plan to change the institution before graduation and admission to the university.

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