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George (Review of Yale University Summer School)

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One of the top American camps, one of the coolest universities! Absolutely cool summer program: you can choose what to teach yourself, and take type of electives and go to different ones, so every day there was something new. I mainly took something in sports, modern science (for example, robotics, cybernetics, even a specialist came with a lecture on e-sports) and a little in mathematics (bias of the Lyceum in Russia). It’s more interesting when you can see both this and that and that.

Many Americans, many Germans, traditionally many Asians, nowhere without them. But everyone communicates well, no one sticks out their nationality, if I may say so. There were always some kind of moves and events, but I liked it more on the campus than on the campus: everything was very fast there, we literally ran around home and got a little sense. Although the look is beautiful, of course.

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