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Maria R., mother of student Catherine W. (review of King's College Saint Michaels)

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We say many thanks to manager Angelina for help in organizing the trip and unlimited patience for our endless questions!

My girls have returned not so long ago and are very satisfied, asking to go the next year. You can see the progress in the language, so I hope that they will study with more motivation.

I will tell you the points of the pros and cons, maybe it will help other parents.


  • Organization - the program is excellent, rich, diverse, interesting.
  • The camp itself and the territory are very beautiful, green, comfortable, excellent equipment for classes and events.
  • The staff and teachers are friendly, they care about children (especially those who still do not know the language well)
  • As for the lessons, mostly children work in groups on different projects, talk a lot, everything is calm, without tension.
  • International communication - guys from different countries are divided in equal groups, therefore it was very interesting for my daughters to communicate. I think a lot depends on the child's character: they are  sociable, therefore, tried to find foreign friends, communicate with them.
  • An interesting set of excursions: there are many trips, all the main attractions are covered
  • Very cool theme festivals and evenings: both fun and informative for children.


  • There is a lot of fast food on the buffet (french fries, nuggets, pies), for breakfast there are sweet breakfast cereals (such as Nesquik), oatmeal or granola can not be found. Our daughter goes in for sports and monitors her food, so it was difficult for her to maintain the food regime.
  • On trips, a packet lunch is also very unsubstantial (usually a cheese sandwich): lunch was usually not provided, you can eat it yourself, but there are also some fast foods like McDonald's around.
  • The excursions themselves could be thought out a little better in terms of organizations. The groups are big, and everything is fast, fussy, the program can change on the go (uncritically, but still). I would like excursions be more educative and informative, and not just "here is such and such a palace, let's move on." But they allocate a huge amount of time for shopping: children are happy, but they spend more money than planned, and it would be better to spend time on useful sights. At shopping, in addition, children are divided into national groups, but I would like to maximize international communication.
  • Senior educators and travel leaders seek to speak as loudly as possible and scream so that all children can hear them. :) A little annoying.
  • I don't understand the camp’s attitude to medicines. On the first day, they must pass everything to counselors: they say they will be given out as needed, but in fact it was impossible to interrogate them. Thank God, daughters guessed to keep the vitamins for daily use, but they didn’t get more essential drugs. 

In fact these are small details, and the advantages overcome it many times. Daughters get a lot of bright impressions! The girls were happy, they didn’t want to leave, they have met a lot of new people and now are chatting and calling up. 

Thank you very much again!

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