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Svetlana Semushina

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It all started with the parents simply saying - you will study in England.

Mom called SMAPSE, where she was told that it would be much better if the girl would participate in the choice of her future school, because a huge number of institutions provide services in England for Russian students. Therefore for me it was a whole "stage" of preparation and search. We were consulted with our parents for a long time and we watched a lot. A lot of things I liked and did not even know what to stop, but in the end I choseConcord College (this is the town of Shrewsbury). About a month it took me a while to decide. And then several more months to prepare all the documents. The company said that we were very fortunate to have been accepted, because colleges of this kind of places are in great demand and it happens that all the seats have already been booked for the year. Now I really like everything, in college there is a very good gym and a chemistry lab. And this city is very beautiful and reminded me of something about the legend of Robin Hood. It's a pity that my mother can not always be around. I miss it.

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