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Vladimir Chernov (Businessman)

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My compliments. During the negotiations, I constantly used translators. At the same time, I had the impression that they did not finish something. Do not like it when you do not understand what it is about.

Carried out a small reconnaissance battle and accidentally went to the guys from SMAPSE. Employees are polite, the young lady at the reception is many times more professional than my secretary. They advised the school in London (although there are branches in other cities) - Shane Global . Excellent school: teachers are professionals. I paid more for courses in Moscow. Of course, you have to pay for accommodation, but the prices in the center of London, to mine, are no more than in the center of Moscow. I paid for a classy residence in the center about 14,000 rubles a week. From school to the residence somewhere 20-30 minutes to get. There was also a small sports hall, and reception, cleaning, laundry rooms and common rooms where all the students gather. In Moscow in the center he rented a one-year-old for 50,000 rubles. On the school I can still say that it is located in the heart of London. Near the shopping center of the whole world is Oxford Street, with one of my favorite shops, Selfridge. Here you can buy clothes of any kind, here there is a store - Disney Land, where the dreams of any child are realized. From the school in walking distance is Hyde Park, where you can play football, run, walk. The park is huge, there is an artificial lake, where in good warm weather people are sunbathing, and a bunch of cafes. The only downside, as some students might think, is that the interior of the school is a little shabby. But in this, mine, and there is a charm of London with its amazing architecture. We try classics to taste. Accumulated several photos of the residence, Oxford Street, Selfridge and Hyde Park or Hyde Park (as you like), see the attachment.

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