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Stas B. (review about school Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle)

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Our relatives live in Germany, so we chose for studying. Middle classes have passed here and now we are preparing for the university.

For such long period, of course, the language barrier has been completely removed (although at first we took special courses for foreign students), plus my son studies English and knows it no worse than German already. Bilinguals are very much appreciated in universities (and at work, then there will be more freedom of choice), so it’s probably even a good thing that they did not go to an English-speaking country to study.

Our Gymnasium Stift Neuzelle is a typical European boarding school: a mansion with its own territory, a dormitory (children live here all the time, it is possible to go home only on holidays), all sorts of traditions, emblems, competitions for the honor of the school, etc. We don’t mind: it doesn’t strongly impose and get used to it quickly. And the curriculum is good, so there are no questions: the son's general marks are above the average for the class - and if you compare his grades with the national statistics, and this goes for higher, it means that the admissions committee will give him preference at the university.

The peculiarity of the school is that there are few foreign students: here almost all are local ones or, in principle, Germans. It does not bother us, but if you want something more international, it is better to look at another option. Again, if you are looking for something more fun and more interesting, this is also not the case: children have some electives and entertainment, but the curriculum is at the forefront, so they come here to study. Sports are practiced purely after school (according to the son and his classmates) to take a break from sitting at textbooks, but there are no professional athletes here (as is often the case in England or America), more according to academic programs.

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