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Anna H. (review about school Alpadia Montreux)

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Liked! I took a French course, I took individual classes - all courses are flexible, you can change as you need.

Of course, it would be more logical to study French in France, but somehow I didn’t want to go to the provinces, but in Paris the situation with the locals is not very good, so I considered Canada and Switzerland. Getting to Switzerland turned out to be easier, so the increased cost of the course was leveled by the cost of tickets.

Very pleasant teachers: I confess, for me this is the first foreign language course. I don’t know how they manage to remain both benevolent and demanding, but the whole group worked, moreover in good faith and not from sticks. Most of teachers are up to 40 years old, young and interesting - it was nice to talk after class if they had an opportunity. Many people know 2-4 foreign languages, and not only teach native as carriers - of course, this is very cool and useful for me as a student. Everything is studied exclusively in conversational form, audio and video materials are constantly being used (equipment of the school allows), a lot of listening lessons (which was hard at first, of course).

I did not notice a direct emphasis on grammar, to admit - rather, the program for those who want to learn how to communicate well is to speak and communicate (although I suspect that if you take a more intensive course or “Preparing for the university”, there will be more academic ). I took individual classes in order to eliminate the accent - again, spoken French (although from my group two more took one-to-one - one for vocabulary (vocabulary), the other for grammar just).

In general, the optimal universal course for everyone: groups are divided according to the level of basic knowledge, so do not be afraid to get to the very smart or very weak group.

Smapse, special thanks for your help in the selection and fast collection of documents: I literally a couple of times in the office I brought the paper and put signatures, the rest was done by myself.

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