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Peter W. (Inlingua Malta school review)

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We went last year with the children - really enjoyed it! Of course, English is no surprise to anyone in Malta, but the program “Children + Adults” was very convenient for us, so we could go with the whole family.

For adults, I will say from myself, the course is simple and completely annoying - so, by and large, communication in a foreign language. It is more interesting for children: there are all thematic games, and films-songs in English, they learn a few words - but this is not also within the framework of school training, but as a summer camp. We were more interested not only in learning English, but in rest with the whole family with pleasure, and with a little benefit for the younger ones: English is useful at any age, let them learn from an early age, especially now there are such opportunities, in our time for us this is not staged.

The school is well equipped, everything is new, the teachers are young by and large, 25-40 years old. Very beautiful location: all city sights nearby, where there is a walk (Sliema as a whole is one of the busiest cities on the island). About the sun / beaches, etc. I will not tell you, everyone knows about Malta. We were lucky with the weather, there were no rainy days: only a couple of overcast days, but we managed to take some time off from the sun for them, so we were not upset. Good sightseeing offers, there are a variety of options for the wallet and interests - we have even chosen a few, although usually we do not take "package" offers from our hotel on vacation (well, here from the school). Affordable cost as a separate bonus - even taking into account the trip with the whole family (4 people), we could afford it. In general, we recommend, we are satisfied.

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