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Daria N. (review of school IHTTI School of Hotel Management)

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Awesome level from and to: starting from equipment in classes and ending with internships. 

I wanted to get an education in the field of hotel service in Switzerland. Switzerland itself is a rich and prosperous country, which means it can ensure a truly high international level. I calculated all the expenses, I passed on the language certificate and my documents were accepted at the first try. 

Within a couple of weeks you will still work out the theory on an internship or working hours. This is convenient: everything is remembered at many times better (by living examples), and internships are paid by themselves. I can’t say that it directly pays for the cost of IHHTI (education in Switzerland is not cheap), but it is enough for current everyday expenses, so-called pocket money unloads. Absolutely all students, any directions - everyone studies in real conditions. At the reception desk, booking service, event department, and even at the maid service and restaurants. Specifically, I like the fact that no one gates to work: considering the status of the university, it could be assumed that there will be solid rich scions of hotel empires, but in reality everything is different. People who know what sacrifices and labors are involved go for the sake of the profession and are ready to plow for three. Personally, I like this approach, I myself pursue the same goals.

Highly qualified teaching staff that provides interesting cases and real life situations. They can say "I had such and such a moment, how would you solve this question?" We sit, discuss everything, then the teacher says how everything was decided then, and again we analyze the causes / consequences, etc.

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