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Anastasia S. (review of school Sevenoaks School Thames Valley Summer School)

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An excellent summer program for teenagers: this is exactly the case when both the workload is useful and not excessive, and there is enough rest, interesting and varied.

In general, we initially planned to go to the USA, but it turned out that all over the world there are just a lot of similar programs, even though New Zealand is chosen, even if you sail to Norway and study English. For our family, such prices for the summer courses are lifting, so we decided to start with good old England, and only then for the next season to choose something of this kind.

The school was chosen from reviews and photos: the Sevenoaks is considered very prestigious in England, on top of different rankings and with very good recommendations from students. Well, the proximity to London attracted us: on the one hand, it’s still a spacious and beautiful campus, but it’s close to the capital, ther are lots of excursions, there’s something to see, etc.

My daughter liked the course, the group was well chosen, it was not boring or very difficult. Good roommates (an Englishwoman and a Greek woman), they are of the same age. A lot of entertainments - both at school and outside (with tutors or guides), many different holidays, a lot of sports - if you have a hyperactive child like ours, then this would be the best option for him. We are happy with everything, we will not say anything bad for sure - the first experience of such a trip was excellent, so that next year we will choose something new.

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