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Nikolai P. (review about school CATS Academy Boston)

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The son has been studying in America for three years now: and they did it with the help of Smaps, and we continue to work with them on current issues.

We chose a school in Boston: we wanted to have a strong preparation for universities (marks in California, so we were looking for the American national training program) so that it is close to the big city (and more interesting in terms of leisure, and it’s more convenient for us to visit when there is a big international Airport). Questions were quickly resolved with documents: everyone prepared, translated, they accepted us the first time. Of course, I had to worry about the US visa (due to the fact that the states have not been very friendly lately), but the school made us a special student invitation, so everything went smoothly (and faster than usual, it seemed to us: at least our friends who received tourist travel around this period waited much longer for a response from the consulate!).

The school is strong: according to the son, sometimes it is difficult - high school students do not spare, a lot of homework, and all kinds of research and “smart”, they constantly sit with classmates in libraries, laboratories, etc. On the other hand, all the conditions are created there for this: you just want to study, and we will give you everything, from computer to beaker (even in a good Moscow school, we don’t even have interruptions in consumables, but such diversity and equipment , here you can not see). Competent teachers: you can write to the school or go to the online database: such as a profile small social network, where to see the schedule, some events or photos from holidays, contact a specific administrator or tutor. Our mentor is constantly in touch with us: for the most part, he helps Nikita to focus on the most necessary subjects for the university, to arrange the order of lessons correctly, and to direct more forces to that. It is also a very good and useful introduction, in our schools this is not enough.

With regards to after-hour activities, there are no comments either: if you want, go to clubs or some student clubs, a lot is done for sports (there are a lot of sites from the baskeball ring to the stadium and pool right on the territory), different trips and excursions are offered for holidays and weekends. True, high school students, as the son says, do not have much time for them: on Saturdays, many people continue to study, they take additional consultations from teachers, and on Sunday I want to rest, sleep longer, take a walk. Americans love sports very much: there is never a problem to find someone to play football or tennis, to run through the park. The school is like a whole city with a huge territory, so you can live there without any need for anything.

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