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Konstantin M. (School tip Embassy Summer London UCL)

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This summer we decided to send our children to the English camp abroad (they are 15 and 16 years old). We liked the descriptions of the camps, children will not be bored, because there are many interesting things. Here, thanks to the managers of Smapse (Alexander sends warm greetings!), Which supplied us with useful information, booklets, photographs.

The trip was amazing. The children were too lazy to write a review and asked me to puff for everyone). We chose the language camp Embassy Summer London UCL. Despite the prestigious of the school, the price for the summer camp was average in the market. 

We didn't have the goal to significantly pull up English. We wanted our children to - have a great and interesting time in the school communicating with their peers in English.

The group was picked up by a good one - all peers were boys with equal English proficiency. I would like to have a little less people in the groups (there were 14 people.  Again - something if you do not understand, it was always possible to ask the teacher for advice. And the entertaining part just did not disappoint us - we had to expand the family cloud, so that we could fit all the photos and videos that the guys sent us. And how to ask them - maybe we will remove something that is not very important? - the answer is the same: What are you doing! We are in London, these are our friends, and this is what we went on a trip to Brighton, and this is the Tower, etc. In short, the impressions for a whole year ahead - which is our goal.

Thank you, SMAPSE, for organizing the trip! The guys will be campaigning friends and classmates next year, so maybe we'll organize a small group trip.

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