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Albert F. (review of Stanstead College)

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I visited Stanstead College twice.)) The first time I came here for the summer French courses, and only then together with my parents decided to enter the program of the senior classes and prepare for entering the Canadian university.

In principle, I was thinking about studying abroad for a long time: I have good command of languages, and the foreign diploma is much more valuable. 

I chose studying in Canada. In England, studying at TOP schools is expensive because of additional payments. And already when I went to the summer program in the camp, I appreciated the spontaneity of Canadians. My friend and I traveled to the USA a few years ago (in the same way in the summer) - and Canadians are much more affable, they say what they think. 

In principle, the atmosphere in the school in Quebec is quite international. I am really enthusiastic about the boarding system: no driving in the morning gloomy bus, in the evening you do not have to count the time on the way home - two minutes, and you're in your dormitory. Those who say that in boarding schools you feel locked in four walls, I recommend trying to bypass the whole territory. It is so huge that in some places you even forget a little that you are at the school. 

And in general, convenience is the first word that comes to mind when asked to tell "Well, how do you study in Canada?". Here everything is designed for people, all for students: you want additional lessons - please help with homework or take individual lessons - come-sign, library, labs and classes with computers are open full-time, almost until late at night. Everyone has a mentor here (tutor), with whom you can discuss your studies, which subjects to choose, which ones will be more difficult to hand over, which ones will be useful in the university - some tutors themselves finish Stanstead.

When I went to study, I thought: "Well, yes, it will be difficult, but what prospects?". And it turned out that, yes, it is difficult, but in general this is a very, very cool opportunity, and I am directly pleased that I am studying here. If I went still to writing courses (here it's Creative Writing), I would say something like "I'm happy to meet the morning of every new day.")))


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