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Polina S. (review of Ashbury College)

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My daughter has been studying in Canada for several years now, she is completing the high school program and is preparing for entering the university (either in Canada or the USA).

Why did we choose Canada? Because it is a beautiful, well developed and beautiful country. Not as expensive as studying in the USA or in England, and at the same time quality is not worse - many prestigious schools that diploma is highly respected. 

Why Ashbury College? As she said, the school is prestigious, one of the best in the country. Plus they teach two languages ​​(English + French), which is convenient for the future. They have a program for high school students IB (and so called - international baccalaureate): it's something like a unified international course of preparation for the university. Having passed IB, you can go to any country and any university, and you will be accepted - there will be no need to translate any certificates, count points and confirm academic performance, etc.

Well, there is a school in Ottawa, one of the largest and most developed cities in the country: we somehow did not aspire to the countryside and considered schools in big cities. Studying there alows her to get used to the peculiarities of the country. 

Why Smapse? Polite and competent managers (we were led by Egor), there is no admission commission, many employees themselves studied / studying abroad, prices are not above the average + many useful additional functions (such as translation of documents). We are satisfied with the quality of the work done and we can advise the company to others. Moreover, in such a complex, expensive and long-running business - sending a child for a long time abroad to study - it's not a joke - it's always nice to have professional help.

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