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Regina I. (review School Institut auf dem Rosenberg)

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We sent our daughter to study in Switzerland, to the Institut auf dem Rosenberg

This is both a super-prestigious and super-quality boarding school: we are confident in the strength and knowledge of our daughter. The Rosenberg school is elite and famous. Its prestigious certificate allows to enter all universities abroad. 

We chose studying in Switzerland as there's a prestige education, a large number of foreign languages. Our daughter studies the program in German (Abitur) to continue studying in Germany or Austria in the future. 

She very likes studying, despite the high load: they are closely watched to avoid overtaxing and switching from classes - there are always some holidays, excursions, games. A wide range of international students study in the school: girls from France, Japan, Canada, Asia live with our  daughter. All are friendly, help each other. They take a lot of subjects together and work together. We are happy with the chosen option: a prestigious diploma, good grades and two free foreign languages!

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