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Artem V. - review about Bromsgrove school (studies at Bromsgrove school)

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I attend academic English courses at Bromsgrove school. I want to study in England, but my English level is still weak. I decided to pull up the English already in the country where I plan to stay. 

In general, I'm glad that I chose this option. I feel how talking becomes simpler and easier, words are chosen in my head faster, some simple answers and greetings in my head are in English, there is no need to translate. Of course, at first it was difficult: it seemed to me that I know English well, but when you talk to the media (and every second has some accent!), it's difficult. At first, it turned out okay only to speak with foreigners (for whom also English was not native), but then I got used to it.

Still at first there was such alienation. But there are five points to the school itself (I have Bromsgrove school): the teachers are friendly, no acid mines, there are a lot of leisure things and circles, entertainment - in general, you will not stay alone, there is always someone to help you.

I can safely advise courses, but be patient and be confident in your own abilities!

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