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Larissa (Mother of the pupils of OISE Paris)

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Thanks to SMAPSE for organizing the summer holidays for our daughter and niece!

Last year, girls went to the OISE Paris school . We chose based on the fact that it was the courses of the French language (where was it to learn, except in France? :)), they looked at the equipment and location of the school. We liked that this is not a simple language school, but a whole network around the world - yet it immediately gives rise to some kind of trust in quality: if so many schools work in all countries, a bad OISE network can not be. The girls immediately began to call her "Oh, all" :)

In addition, the school sent us prospectuses (Smapse showed) with a detailed description of each day: the schedule, what lessons, what entertainment and additional activities. The school is located directly in Paris, because the free "lazy day" girls did not have - so many impressions! Guides led them to both historical quarters and museums (in the Louvre were even twice - on a general excursion and temporary exhibition of the Impressionists), gave time for shopping, to be photographed. We were a bit worried about security - everyone knows what the situation in France is now with politics and refugees, but in vain: with the children there were always educators, teachers, they left and came by the company bus, and the territory of the school itself was very carefully guarded. Plus, we talked with girls every day and could make sure that everything is in order.

Advice to parents: do not be afraid to send your children to study abroad and specifically to Europe, just choose reliable partners and agents. We trusted SMAPSE and OISE, and everything went smoothly and comfortably.

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