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Catherine (Student Bethany Summer Camp)

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I went to the English language courses last year - in Smapse we were picked up by the Bethany Summer Camp camp : it came up to us both in terms of cost, location, and composition of the program. It was a little tedious to get from the London airport, yet not a near suburb - but I was glad that I did not choose a school in Wales, there would have been half a day driving, probably

The school is so beautiful! Incredible nature! Do not believe that England is modest, gray and foggy: our school stood practically in a flourishing meadow, on green glades, huge ancient trees. And the nature is very beautiful fit all the buildings, the infrastructure of the school. In general, as we understood on excursions and trips, in England a real talent to combine human buildings and natural beauty. That is inside the building can be stuffed with technology, computers and vayfayem, but outside it will be such a representative mansion, very cozy and pretty in appearance. I like this approach very much: after the gray residential boxes situated near Moscow, the eye rejoices not to believe howJ

The language course is good, useful. I was in the middle group for training - I confessed, I expected a little less, because I'm only teaching English for the second year. Sometimes it was difficult, but then talked to the guys from beginners - and I realized that this way (overcoming difficulties, in the sense) I will learn the language much faster. When in classes you are told in essence the same thing that you already know, there is little point in this. And then every lesson is a challenge. In general, I'm happy with the distribution - in a more advanced group it would be very hard. Special thanks to our teachers (Mary, who jokingly called herself Mary Shelley) and Derek, the group's curator! They became for us both friends and second mother daddies: always close, always help. They explained everything very clearly - if you brake somewhere, they'll blast everything in the most detailed manner, just put it in your mouth. Plus it was possible to go for free in addition to individual and group consultations - I did not understand something, I came and I was explained to you again.

In general, I have only positive emotions, it was cool-all I advise, who has the opportunity!

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