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Gleb O. (Father Sergei (studied at the summer camp of Real Madrid Summer Soccer School))

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The program of the football camp Real Madrid son, to be honest, found himself: it's the official camp of the Spanish club, but in England. We were immediately pleased: the daughter of my colleague has been studying in England for several years, and they are very pleased with the process and the results. They also advised us to apply to smapse: first of all we were attracted by the possibility not to pay a commission for enrolling. :) At first we thought that it was some kind of luring action, but no, everything was right, all schools that offer smapse work with them On terms of partners, not intermediaries, so you do not pay a commission.

The second plus - we note the attention of staff consultants. By the time of our visit to the office, we have practically decided on the camp - our choice was praised, but only after we told that we generally want and what our possibilities are. For balance, we were offered a couple more camps and schools, but when we rested in Real Madrid, we did not change our minds. It was really a feeling that it is our desires that are most important, not the specific advertising of "special schools", the personal opinion of the consultant - they say, "I know best", etc. We really listened and tried to help - it's very nice, the level of service is excellent.

Another say in the plus - we really "led" literally from and to. Before the return of the child, smapse were in touch with us, and with him - any problems and issues could be solved at the time (although the problems as such were not, thank God). The office has almost a full range of services, even a visa can be booked and tickets booked - it's convenient. I'll say more, sending out smapse offers is the only one I agreed to!

We are very satisfied with the organization of the trip and the work of the smapse company, highly appreciate the professionalism of the employees and the quality of the services.

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