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Dmitriy (Studied at the summer school Moreton Hall)

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I studied summer English courses at Moreton Hall school. My parents gave me a gift for the good ending of the school year: I had long wanted a similar trip, but I considered only some standard courses like "English in Malta". Thanks to the company Smapse, which organized my trip: we were offered so many opportunities that at first the eyes fled! It was then that I began to decline in favour of the English school: after all, the level here is higher, and my goal was not just to relax, but to study English at a good level.

But nevertheless, the lessons were not limited to lessons - we knew that summer schools always think through their program for free time, but that in general every minute was busy! My advice to you - do not try to catch everything, still will not work, so many interesting activities and options there. Regular tours - and half a day, and a whole - sightseeing of all kinds of sights and historical ruins, castles, London very cool sightseeing tours, and entertainment in the school itself, and sports games ... In general, for every taste and colour. In fact, two weeks have passed like a couple of days, but the impressions are a year ahead: about every day I can tell friends and parents almost an hour. That's great!

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