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Ivan Konstantinovich R. (The father of Vladimir (a student of Kings Summer Oxford St. Josephs))

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We planned the son's admission to the Oxford school (now he is already studying there), so they were looking for him not a simple English course for the summer, namely, preparation for schools. Googled and phoned several Moscow educational agents - Smapse bribed polite and correct treatment, and how they went to their office for a personal meeting - just decided to work with them. Very attentive, listen to all wishes and requirements, opportunities on the budget, offer many, many options and give both povybirat and their recommendations. We were provided with photos of schools and feedback from Russian students so that we could read, offered to help with the visa and the translation of documents - in a word, professionally, correctly, pleasantly and effectively communicate with such specialists.

We have chosen a really successful course: it seems to be a summer school (studied at Kings Summer Oxford St. Josephs ), but the program is aimed specifically at preparing for an English school, called "Academic English." We took 3 weeks, the middle variant. In addition to English lessons, which were ready, the son also attended courses that can not be found in Russia: competent notes, time management, writing essays, vocabulary and vocabulary, rules for presentations, rules for writing scientific papers ... in fact, everything that We are not and what is required in English schools. Believe me, even with a good level of language on-the-mountain will not work - the child should be ready to learn exactly in English. We are sure that it was largely thanks to this course that we went to school the first time (here, by the way, thanks again to Smapse, the main educational institution also chose with them and submitted documents).

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