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Oleg and Mirra A. (Lara's parents, Ecole de Tersa's students)

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My wife and I are sure that education abroad is not only a great opportunity, but also a great responsibility, this should serve as a reward. Therefore, when our daughter showed good results at the school, we decided to give her a ticket to a foreign language camp.

We immediately wanted to go to France: Lara has already been studying French Lara. She is interested in the so-called fine arts and France is the best country to study it. Many thanks to Smapse for the correct and attentive choice of the school: managers has implemented all our wishes and requests, offered several options in different price categories and in different cities, several variants of programs.

We were very pleased with the choice of the school for our daughter - Ecole de Tersac in beautiful Bordeaux. Even at the stage of selection, we decided that the best place would be a non-seasonal camp, namely a full board with summer courses: both discipline and equipment are better, teachers are more qualified. If the school successfully works year-round, then we're not worried about the level of services. Plus, judging by the reviews, photos and rankings, Ecole de Tersac is considered one of the best in France. Very nice campus, rooms for girls - just a first class hotel, and what kinds! Now we think about studying the main course, but for this, of course, it's necessary to pull up French.

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