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Inga (Studies at Ecole des Roches)

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I study at the school in France . It was the French school my mother recommended (she had a daughter for a couple of years older studied in another institution): we immediately chose this school together with specialists Smapse when we came to a consultation. Ecole des Roches liked both the description, and the photos, and according to students' reviews, plus it is really a very prestigious and respected option - graduates can enter the best universities all over Europe, the diploma of the school Ecole is highly appreciated. Of course, the cost is appropriate, but it's worth it - plus we managed to save on agent fees: Smapse, as we were explained, work directly as official representatives, so we did not pay a commission for enrollment service (and in Moscow it saved a few tens of thousands of rubles ... .).

I had no problems with the French - it was a little difficult to adapt to the new rules regarding teaching: after all, some kind of training scheme is common in Russia and France. For example, we have much more homework, we work much more in class (orally, in groups, in pairs) - often ask, for example, to retell the paragraph in your own words, arrange a general discussion or dispute. Disputes - it's interesting: a topic or a problem is declared, and you are given a point of view that needs to be defended or disproved. Such battles unfold! But all, of course, conditionally, without aggression.)) Teachers seemed to me more attentive and polite than in Russia (but I think that in such a prestigious school and selection is much stricter): you can always ask for something else to explain and tell , Assign dopzaniyat or ask to help with homework (but frankly, it will not work).

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