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Inga Fo. (Student Sotogrande International School)

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My studies abroad began at the school Sotogrande International School at once on the IB program . When they chose the school with their parents, of course, they first of all thought about England or USA - somehow schoolchildren from Russia go there more by experience. But Smapse specialists offered us a bunch of other options (for which they are very grateful), which are not inferior in level.Switzerland was too expensive, but Spain came up perfectly. A good school, reasonable price plus excellent climate and nice friendly Spaniards - what else is needed?

My preparation for foreign studies was fortunately quick and easy: I study in a grammar school with a linguistic bias - I communicate in English completely freely, and I learn Spanish from the fifth grade, so I know it quite well. But the IB program for high school students is something like preparing for the university, intensive and challenging - that's why I had to work with the tutors (again thanks to Smaps, they prompted convenient options and good teachers). This I mean, be prepared: you definitely need to learn the language, but it will be much easier if there is already a strong base. Expect strength.

The school is very beautiful, it is nice to be here and study: the territory is well-groomed, all brand new and modern - to be honest, I somehow even waited for something less. It's nice that in an excellent condition, not only all classrooms, but all recreational areas, that is, "leisure infrastructure" - have a strong feeling that they care about you every minute. Very tasty food, that's very straight! We have a dining-board, and most dishes are national Spanish, just lick your fingers! Portions are huge, but you eat in one sitting, so delicious. Still very happy student extracurricular program: no obyazalovki and animatorstva - like, doing and go on excursions, you want, just quietly relaxing in the garden or by the pool. Senior students in general are touched on a minimum: here they understand that our study program is the most complex and saturated, so we have more freedom and opportunities for recreation.

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