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Nikolay and Elena (Evgenia's parents)

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We were very pleased with Smapse's work: with the help of specialists, we arranged a daughter for training at the Swiss Institut auf dem Rosenberg. In principle, the daughter has already studied abroad from high school, but now she is thinking of enrolling in US technical colleges (attracts Silicon Valley), so they decided to take the AP program (she is most readily accepted in the US), and Swiss schools Seemed most attractive. But we note that the specialists of Smaps, in principle, offered us a lot of options for teaching high school students: we already selected the school in terms of the total number of meritsSwitzerland , and Institut auf dem Rosenberg is considered one of the best.

The daughter studies there for almost a year, so we can already say about some results. The program is really complicated and in-depth, says that in high school it was much easier. It facilitates the work that there is practically no language barrier - in English the daughter speaks completely free, and French studies for several years (plus the school offers additional language courses, which helps a lot). But unlike Russian schools where one cramming, here for children constantly arrange some experiments, experiments, hikes, lectures with invited guests - they even work in a real laboratory: bathrobes, test tubes, everything is as it should be. Of course, under the supervision of teachers. By the way, the teachers also appreciated the teachers very highly: they are all very attentive and benevolent, while they do not let them relax, constantly stimulating their studies and giving the bar higher and higher.

Thank you Smapse - your (and our) joint school choice was very satisfied.

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